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April 2007 Entries

April 30th

Last day of the month, and only 6 days til I'm back in Austin. It's not so bad here though. Beautiful day today...88 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. I hear that it's cold and raining in Austin.
Aaron Bulkley - Churchill Downs
Yesterday was just as nice. Worked in the morning, the went to the track to check out some of the boxes and newer areas that they've added since I had been to Churchill Downs last. I had about 3 beers, was given a free 3rd Floor Clubhouse ticket, and only lost about $100 on the horses, so compared to how I usually fair at the track, I won.

Things are picking up for ticket sales...all the cheap seats are nearly gone. From here on out, it should be easy street.


April 29th

I'm getting old. Saturday night in Louisville, and what did I do. Went to a movie, came home, ordered Pizza, and watched SNL. I probably had no less than 5 phone calls and 10 text messages from friends between the hours of 10:00 and 4:00am. "Where you at?", "Party at my house", etc. I pretended that I was out having too much fun to reply.
Bidding on Ebay
The upside of not going out is that I was up early today and in the office on a beautiful Sunday. I just listed some auctions on Ebay for Kentucky Derby tickets. I'm also bidding on a ton of boat crap that I don't need, but sure could use some day. I've bought a new cover because my last one ripped...it said it was for a 2004 Tige 22V, but from what I'm told by Zach, it doesn't really fit. I'm the winning bidder right now on a used Wakeboard with bindings, some Tige Guide Pads for my boat trailer, and a pair of Tige bungees to tie boats together with while hanging in the cove.

At this rate, I should be a platinum Ebay power seller in no time, or broke...


April 28th

Just a little hung over today...and apparently a "little drunk-dialing/text troll" stole my phone and sent out some drunk texts last night/this morning. If you happened to be a lucky recipient of those, I do apologize, and the little guy has been reprimanded and told not to do that again for the duration of my stint in Kentucky.
O'Sheas in Louisville
So, we hit up Baxter Road last night in Louisville. Rivas, Jeremiah and I stayed out til around 3:30am bouncing from O'Shea's Irish Pub, Molly Malones, and a few others. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the bars here...not Austin, but the irish pubs are authentic: good irish food, cold guinness, and the bands I watched last night were great.

I'm the only one in the office right now...watching the NFL Draft. It's down to pick 15, and Brady Quinn is still available. I think he's the best player in the draft this year...hopefully he's slide all the way down to pick 22 and the Cowboys pick him up. They need a good back up to Romo.


April 26th

This is so cool...one of my favorite movies re-enacted by bunnies in 30 seconds.
Aaron Bulkley and Jeremiah Kraft in Frankfurt, Germany
Well business seems to be picking up a little today in Kentucky. Jeremiah (pictured above with me in Frankfurt) and I are working on deals for the local Chambers of Commerce, and anyone else whom might want to go to the Kentucky Derby this year. Ticket City is running some awesome specials on tickets right now, so if you ever wanted to go, this is the year to attend...Great Kentucky Derby and Oaks tickets at really cheap prices.

Back to work...need to give away some tickets.


April 25th

The world is crazy right now people. Did you read that some US astronomers have recently found a potentially habitable planet?
500 Euros - my favorite denomitnation
The good news is that it's only about 120 Trillion Miles away, or just over 20 light years, so as soon as we begin living to 1100 years old, we can get there and back in one lifetime (yes, I did the math).

In other worldly news, the US Dollar is nearly at an all time low against the Euro, 1.367 at press time. Though I do love their cash (500 Euro Bill = $683 bill), seriously folks...stop drinking that French Bordeaux crap and have some Napa Valley. It's better, trust me, and you'll be helping your local economy rather than Europe's.

Also in US Financial markets, I have a stock tip folks...you won't lose on this one: JOYG. This stock is very much undervalued and will go up another 30% within the year.

Ex-Russian President Boris died, and I read this morning that the communist political party did not stand for a moment of silence nor morn him. Go Figure...and more good news, in 4 more years, these guys will be back in power in Russia.

In world sports, Man United beat AC Milan yesterday, and after one more match, the winner plays in Athens for the Champions League Final, where I will be in attendance on May 23rd. Hopefully, they'll end up playing Chelsea, and it will be a huge all English Final, as well as a $5000 ticket.

So, I ran across (2) states yesterday. That's right, I am thinking about running regularly again, and yesterday was day (1). I ran across the 2nd street bridge, which runs over the mile-wide Ohio River from Jeffersonville, IN to Louisville, KY. It's quite a sight and a pretty cool run.


April 22nd

So, Thunder was cool...we worked in the office most of the morning, and then hit up some beer tents
Helicopter at Thunder, Jeffersonville, Indiana
in the afternoon to enjoy the Jets, planes, Helicopters, etc and a few cold ones...we networked a little, and then just relaxed the rest of the day; the weather was perfect...no clouds and about 80 degrees all day.
They said that there were about 700,000 people in attendance, but who really knows...once you get to about 50,000, who's really counting anyway.

The highlight was scamming our way into the VIP Coors tent...we had a free buffett, no crowds, better port-a-potty's, and chairs. I crashed early, but Jeremiah went out and didn't show back up to our room until around 5:00am. He's 25, so I guess that's still cool for him, but I'm beginning to realize that I can't go out more than 1 night per weekend any longer, otherwise I'm worthless for days.


April 20th

Thunder starts tomorrow...it's a big deal here; an air and fireworks show that kicks off the festivities for the Kentucky Derby. Our office is located just 2 blocks from where everyone will be hanging out watching...
Thunder in Louisville, KY
the planes, jets, helicopters, and then fireworks. I'm about to fly our 17ft Ticket City blimp outside our office so we can get some added exposure from the weekend and crowds.

Joke: Gettin' Drunk

One day, a man was sitting at a bar in Chicago. He looks over and sees this guy who looks exactly like him. He says to the other guy, "Hey, you look just like me!"

The other man agrees and asks, "Where are you from?"

The first guy answers, "Chicago."

"Me too!" says the second guy, "What street do you live on?"

"49th Street," answers the first guy.

"Me too!" says the second guy, becoming increasingly excited. "What's your address?"


"Me too! Wow, this is incredible! What are your parents' names?"

"John and Cathy," says the first guy.

"Me too!" shouts the second guy. "I wonder if we're related?"

Meanwhile, the bartenders are changing shifts and the one whose shift is about to start asks if anything is new.

"No," says the first bartender, "just the Smith twins, drunk again."


April 19th

Finally in Kentucky, or Indiana, I guess. Our office is located in Jeffersonville, just across the Ohio river from Louisville, KY. It is illegal to buy and sell tickets to the Kentucky Derby for more than face value in Kentucky...
Kentucky Oaks Tickets at TicketCity.com
...so we set up across the river (basically the same town) in Indiana, where it is obviously legal to do so. Here is a picture of the first tickets that I've just purchased...they're to the Kentucky Oaks, the race day before (Friday) the Kentucky Derby (held on Saturday). I just paid $1400 for these little things...a bargain really.

So, I'll be here until the 7th or so...I'm driving the Ticket city vehicle back to Austin at the conclusion of the event. It's a a little over 1000 miles...only about 15 hours per google maps.
Then, I'm back in Austin for about 8 days, and leave for Europe on May 15th for more work. I can't wait to get all of this travelling done, so I can chill out on the boat for a few months. Oh, and update on the Lake Amistad Mexico trip; so far, we have about 6 guys and 6 girls confirmed. I expect this number to increase dramatically this summer once I'm out on the lake making friends with other boat owners. Again, let me know if you're in...as soon as I get a few more people, I will go ahead and begin booking the trailers for our sleeping arrangements.

April 18th

And Today is my last day in the office for another 3 weeks or so. I'll be on a flight to Louisville this time tomorrow and won't be back to Austin until around May 7th...just when the lake weather hits. Speaking of lakes and boats, here is Ernest teaching Christophe how to wake skate...we only tried to pull him up twice 'cause there were too many boats out that day...otherwise, I think he would have successfully had it down.
Christophe LaTour learning to wake skate
If you haven't heard yet, I'm putting together the 4th Annual Lake Amistad Mexico Trip. Here are some of the details:

In past years we’ve had from 24 up to 65 people attend.  It all really depends on how many boats are going.  If we’re light on boats this year, we’re considering also a House Boat to rent, and people could double that as they’re sleeping quarters possibly as well. 

I’m looking at the weekend of August 16-19th. We stay in some of Ruthie’s famous trailers located just 2 blocks from the boat ramp: http://www.ruthieatlakeamistad.com Ruthie loves us and always accommodates to our crazy parties. We usually go to Ciudad Acuna (2) nights out of the (3), and party on the lake all day every day.  In the past, we’ve had groups caravan from Austin and San Antonio, leaving both on Thursday and Friday, so we’ll work with you on getting down there (4 hours from Austin, 3.5 from SA).

The costs are typically $75 per person for housing and gas.  This could be higher if some of you want to rent a house boat, and we could work out for everyone to chip in on gas and expenses somewhat on the house boat.  Other than that, we usually BBQ (Ernie’s Fajitas), and eat crap food during the day on the lake…we have dinner in Mexico at Ma Crosby’s or Las Palapas, and then what you drink during the day and at night.  At night, we take over the Corona Club in Acuna…they usually have live music and an outside dance floor.

Anyways, this is the very, very preliminary head count to get an idea of a good weekend for everyone as well interest in a house boat, and to find others that will take their own boat to the lake.  I have a 22 ft Tige which is good for 10 people. If you are interested in joining this trip, please send me an email so I can add you to my list.


April 16th

Today is my first full day back in the office in over 1 month. It's kind of nice knowing that at 5:00pm, I get to go home and my work day is over. It's nothing like that when you're on the road at an event.
Lake Austin 4th of July Photo
It's usually wake up at 7:00am, work all day, forget to eat breakfast or lunch, try to finish up work by 9:00, and then find a restaurant that will serve dinner.

Went to the lake yesterday with some folks...we put in around 2:00, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. I did a bit of wake-skating, and tried to ski on Zach's Slalom ski, but it was too small for me...couldn't keep my feet in the boots. My buddy Christophe had a blast...he's ready to move to Austin now I believe.

Anyway...shout out to Gwen! It's her 26th Birthday today. Happy B-day!

I'm working all day tomorrow, then a half day on Wednesday. Cara and I are finally selling our land in Westlake and the close date is that afternoon. For all of those that are asking, Cara is doing well these days. I saw her at a concert last week, and she seems very happy. We're still friends and will stay in each other's lives in one way or another.


April 14th

Nothing exciting really going on today...so, I'll just share a picture that makes you think for a bit. What the hell are they trying to do here?
I don't know...really

April 13th

Happy Friday the 13th. I just woke up and have a ton of stuff to knock out today. I still have to fold 5 loads of laundry, pick up my boat to get it detailed, hit the grocery store, get my truck cleaned, and then I've decided to go buy a new hand gun...probably a Glock 21 or 19, .45 calibur.
Aaron's Gun Safety Tips
I've wanted one for awhile, but just haven't had time to go shopping really. Now, that I've got some downtime before my next trip, I'm trying to cram everything I've wanted to do over the past 4 months into a few days.

My buddy Christophe La Tour is coming to visit on Sunday. He is from Paris and I've worked closely with him on many international events over the past 5 years or so. I pick him up on Sunday and then I've promised him a day on the lake surrounded by gorgeous Texas women...so, if you know that you fit the bill, then you know where you must be on Sunday....


April 10th

10 hour drive from Augusta, GA to Louisville, KY. Yesterday I drove through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana...tons of fun, really.
Derby Tickets
Clark Kothlow and I have been setting up our Jeffersonville office all day...I'm flying home in the morning, taking a few days off, and then back out to Louisville late next week. I'll only be gone a little less than 3 weeks this time.

So, I'm about half way done travelling for the next month or so...17 days in Louisville, 7 days in Europe, then I can stay put in Austin for awhile and finally get a life.

Taryne, Jenna and I are going to the Brandi Carlisle Concert tomorrow night at the Parish. Then, it's the lake for a couple of days. Can't wait. I'm gonna have a 5 day weekend to chill out finally.


April 8th

Happy Easter Folks!
Did you ever wonder how Easter Eggs were made...here's a clue. Just the purple and blue ones though...I'm not going to explain how the other colors are made...that's even more shocking.

Last day of the Masters...looks like Tiger might pull off another one. I'll be working til about 10:30 tonight, then we'll begin packing up and make the drive to Louisville tomorrow afternoon.
How easter eggs are made
A couple of days of work in Louisville, and then I leave early Wednesday morning back to Austin. I can't wait to get some sushi as soon as I get back, take a run with Luka, visit my long lost friends, and get my butt on the lake. I should be out Thursday - Sunday pending weather, so hit me up if you want to join me.

April 7th

Only 2 days to go in Augusta...can't wait to get back, see my dog, and get on the lake. I have some good news...my friend, Gwen's surgery was successful. She was only in the ICU for a day and is now running around the hospital, literally.
Gwendolyn Post Surgery
She might get mad at me for posting her post-surgery pic, but I couldn't resist and she's smiling.

As far as the Masters goes, it's been the most successful in Ticket City History...it's been hard work, and it kinda sucked being gone from home for 3 1/2 weeks, but the company did well. I think we're going to have our "Annual Work is nearly over Blow out" tonight. Probably start at one of the hospitality homes around 9:00, polish off some of their extra beer and food, then hit up the town. Tomorrow will be fairly easy, and then we'll start packing up and getting ready to leave on Monday.

April 5th

So, we had the first ever Ticket City Poker Invitational at the Masters House last night...17 people, $100 buy in tournament. We started at 10:00, and then at 1:20, there were only two remaining. Yep, Me and Ed Clements...Sports Radio guy for KLBJ.
My Hands on Yahoo.com
The pot was $1700 and we decided to end the night and split the cash. Now, I have some gas money for the boat when I get back next week.

Today was kinda stressful...Thursday tickets were going for $3000 today at 2:00pm. Do you understand? That is only 4 hours of golf and people were paying us $3000. Hey, it's the Masters. If you want to see the best of the best, at the most beautiful golf course in the world, you've got to pay to play. It's 11:00pm...time to go to bed. Good Night!

April 4th

One last day warm day at the Masters...it's supposed to rain like crazy tonight, then get pretty cold for the next 4 days. Supposively, highs in the upper 50's and lows below freezing. I bought a pretty cool green fleece Masters pull over today so I can look so ever cool and not freeze my ass off. Hit me up if you want some Masters merchandise. This is the only week and only place in the world that you can get it.
My Hands on Yahoo.com
So, a story that I procured for the company is the lead article on Yahoo today. The picture above is actually of my hands and another guy that works with us. Josh Peter hung out with me pretty much all day on Sunday gathering information about the Masters for the story. He mentions my boss, Randy, but didn't give me any love. WTF?

April 3rd

Man, busy, busy, busy. It's 11:30pm, and this is going to be the earliest that I've gone to bed all week...that is if I get to bed within the next (2) hours. The Masters ticket is blowing up out here...
Little Baby Jakob - Cash Jakob
it's now $4000 to purchase a badge for the Masters. So, I'm working alot harder than I want to in order to purchase them.

We've got about (8) people out here right now working...Randy, Caroline, Lou, Clark, Dave Edmondson, John and Linda Peirett, and a plethora of ticket guys helping us out as well. One more week til I'm back in Austin, and only a few more days til this event is over with. Can't wait. Need to spend some time with my dog and friends on the lake.

So, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but some of my best friends, Kris and Megan are moving to Houston next week. Kris took a job as an instructor at a French Culinary Institute. Other exciting news for them...they are having a girl. (See Above)


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