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December 28th 2006

I'm planning some cool trips for next year. I want to go snow skiing in February for a long weekend...probably Red River, New Mexico so we can hang out at the Motherload, a cool locals bar where "Red Neck Mother" was written. I think Jerry Jeff Walker got into a fight there and wrote about it.
U2's Clarence Hotel in Dublin
Another awesome trip I want to take would be to stay at the Clarence Hotel, in Dublin, owned by Bono and The Edge from U2. It would be great to visit during St. Patrick's Day, but that may be too early in the year...so, possibly this summer for about a week, then also tour around Ireland a bit.

Costa Rica is also in the plans...Lajitas resort and Hunt Club in September for some dove hunting, and then back to Germany (Munich) for Oktoberfest if I can fit it in.

December 27th 2006

My Sister is in Town today. She's at my place now watching movies I'm sure. I think we're gonna go out a few times this week...hit some pubs and restaurants. Also, I have a Birthday Celebration planned for Friday.
Courtney Bulkley Singing
We're doing the White Trash Bar Tour...There will be a light dinner and drinks at my house before we hit the tour. The tour typically consists of LaLa's, the Pink Poodle Lounge, Jenny's Little Longhorn, the Drafthouse, maybe Egos, then back up north to the Rose if we're still standing.

Let me know if you're coming along...text me or something. If you don't know my phone number, then you're not invited. HA!

December 26th 2006

The day after Christmas, finally. This week is always slow in the office...not much going on really; everyone is on vacation. So, Luke and I had a blast hunting last weekend. I shot a 8 point buck, and we had a good time cooking out
Aaron Bulkley 29th Birthday - Dec 31st
and drinking beer for a few days. I'll get some pictures up sooner than later.
I'm supposed for get my puppy tomorrow...it's like an early birthday (December 31st) present to myself. I don't really have any definite plans yet for New Year's. Randy Wills is getting married that day with a reception/party at Balcones Country Club, but I'm thinking that I'll just hit the wedding that afternoon, then go do other New year's things. Brad and Jonathan are having a party in Houston, and I'm thinking that I should probably go there since it's been awhile and that crew came to my house for New Year's a few years ago.

Regardless, there will be a good party on Saturday night...to celebrate my Birthday...I'm thinking about taking a limo to San Antonio to watch the horns in the Alamo Bowl, then back to Austin to party afterwards. If you're interested in joining me, hit me up.

December 20th 2006

Luke and I are going hunting tomorrow. I think that's why I had a weird dream last night about deer hunting...I was walking through the yard to my parent's house when the largest buck that I had ever seen was standing there.
World Record Whitetail Deer
He dipped his head down, and his huge rack of antlers fell off his head. I started laughing, and then he started chasing me. I didn't have a gun or knife, but I knew there was one in my truck, so I ran over and opened the door just as this pissed off deer was ramming me in the back. I saw my Dad and hollared at him to come help me...he came over and pinned the deer down on the ground until I could get my knife out of the truck and put it down. Then Luke came over, and we discussed if we could legally take the deer to his brother-in-laws taxidermy, score it with the antlers that fell off it's head, and count it as a legit kill. Well, the answer was "yes", and the deer ended up scoring 270 Boone and Crockett and set the state record...then I woke up.

December 18th 2006

Good Weekend overall...went to the company Christmas party Friday night. We had a white elephant gift exchange, and I ended up choosing and taking my own gift
Funny Little Johnny Picture
home with me. It was $20 worth of Gift Certificates at Zuzu's, my favorite breakfast taco joint.

Saturday, I hit Alex's wine party...the guy had 16 cases of wine out, and I think we only opened about 5 cases. Brad, Jonathan, EK and Rebecca showed up later and we all hung out til the wee hours.

Sunday, I slept most of the day and then Cara came over to help me rake and bag leaves in the back yard. I can't believe it, but I'm actually a little sore today...I need to start working out more I guess.

Anyway, my picture today is titled "Find little Johnny".

December 15th 2006

OK, so a little personal today...Why? Because the Holidays suck when you're alone. It's been 3 weeks since I moved out with Cara and it's not getting any easier. Yea, the 1st week or two was hard, but I had plenty going on to fill my day. Now, everyone is taking off, going skiing, visiting family, hosting X-mas parties, and it's just not something that I'm used to doing solo.
Blue Merle Border Collie
So, I'm thinking about getting a dog, a border collie, and I think I've found the one. She's a Blue Merle B.C. and I would have to have her flown down from Virginia, but she's ready for adoption and I need a roommate to get me out of the house. Actual Photo above.

In other news, my company party is tonight and I've decided it's best to go alone this year. Not that I want to go alone, but in this confusing time, it's just best. I can't wait til January...I might just try to sleep through X-mas and New Year's...wake me up when it's over.


So, I just purchased the puppy above...will be here Wednesday afternoon on a flight from Delta. They have to start crate training the dog today so that she can get used to the ride from Virginia. Below are pictures of the parents...Dad is a traditional Black/White; Mom is a Blue Merle as well.
George - The Dad Bonnie - The Mom

December 13th 2006

Nothing new today...I thought my buddy Christophe LaTour from Paris was coming into town this week, but I haven't heard from him. He was going to be my "date/partner in crime" to all of these Christmas parties I have this week. Anyway, I have no related pictures today, so I decided to include more pictures from the "Guys Who Kill Shit and Eat it Club"...that's right, more Venison Jerky!
My 4-wheeler and dead doe
This is a doe that I shot a couple of weeks ago...I just throw them up on my 4-wheeler and head back to camp.

Well, I'm doing some Christmas shopping online today...I've bought something for my sister, and about 5 things for myself. Anyone have any ideas of what to get my parents? I was thinking about a trip to Colorado, but they have all of those foster kids and it's hard for them to get away without them.

December 12th 2006

Happy Birthday Courtney!

My sister, for only 19 days, is the same age as me today. Happy Birthday! Now, back to getting this site updated...It's the 12th already and I've only had the opportunity to post once this month. Well, I'm not entirely lazy, I've been in Vegas for the past 7 days.
Courtney's Birthday Cake

Aaron's 11 Point Whitetail I also did some hunting, and shot my biggest whitetail buck to date...nice 11 Point scored 130 Boone and Crockett. I shot it from about 350 yards out...it was a bad ass shot and an even badder dear. Thus far, it's ranking 3rd in Richland Spring's Big Buck contest.
So, this year, I've got a trophy axis, whitetail, and sika. Next year, Elk hunting! I'm thinking September...if you want in, let me know.

This week is going to be crazy...I have Christmas parties all week and weekend. I'm also looking for a puppy to adopt...either a golden retriever, border collie, or possibly lab. If you know of someone that has some puppies, let me know.


December 6th 2006

NO New Year's Plans

I know I haven't been around lately, but I'm busy...very busy. In Vegas right now working at the NFR, and won't be back to Austin til late Sunday night. It looks like we'll have a change to the New Year's plans...
aaron bulkley living room
that deal doesn't look like it will work out afterall...they started selling some of the rooms and there won't be enough room for our group, so if if you have suggestions, please let me know, otherwise, I'm sure I'll think of something... I've also caught a cold from all of the work, cold weather, and stress in my life right now I'm sure...need to chill out and relax for about a month. Anyway, picture is of my living room...looks cozy huh? Not until Sunday night...til then it's hotels and fast Vegas living.
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