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December 24th

In Kerrville/Ingram/Hunt today...yes, I'm from all of those places, and they're all within 7 miles from each other, so I can call it what I choose.

Here are the two turkey that I cooked up today for lunch. I cooked the Gobbler whole, and then the breast from the Hen. They were very good...not as "gamey" as I had thought they would be.
Two Turkeys shot by Aaron Bulkley
Luke, Anna and their daughter, Lauren, came over last night and this morning. I brought my custom poker table for my parents to have, and so far, we've played 3 family poker games, $5 a hand, and I've won them all. I guess all of those late night Augusta (Masters Week) poker games have finally paid off. My Dad used to win all the time, and he doesn't like coming in 2nd/3rd. We're probably done playing for the week is my guess.

I'm heading back to Austin in the morning...the movers pick up a week from tomorrow and I haven't begun packing yet. It's going to be a busy week with my B-day/Going Away party on Saturday. If you don't know, we're meeting up at Nuevo Leon on East 6th Street on Saturday night at 7:30, then probably hit Fado, and a couple of other bars that evening. Everyone is welcome, and I'd love to see everyone before I leave.

December 21st

Busy, Busy, Busy....So, I've been packing, cleaning out my closets, cleaning my house, a little hunting, processing and cooking. That's what you're supposed to do when it's nearly Christmas, New Year's, your 30th Birthday, and when you're moving across the country in 2 weeks.
So, Luke, JZ, and I all went out to the deer lease this week...cooked up some great steaks and drank a ton of beer. I have about the best luck at hunting this year...I hadn't seen a turkey on our place in 4 years, and then came Wednesday morning, and I saw about 50 of them down the hill from where I was hunting.
Luke Pruitt with a Wild Hog
Now, most people hunt turkey with a shot gun at about 20-50 yards because you have to shoot them in the head to kill them and preserve the meat. I didn't have a shotgun as I was hunting for deer and wild hogs...the first hen that gave me a shot went down quick with my .243 rifle at about 60 yards.

Next a doe popped it's head out about 5 minutes later at 100 yards, so there went bullet #2. With a turkey and a deer down, I was pumped, but then I caught sight of another turkey (hen/female/not a gobbler/tom) at about 90 yards, so I thought, what the heck, it's Christmas, and I'm about to be frying up some turkey at my folks place. Bullet #3, but I missed, and he ran away too quickly to get another shot. But Wait, that shot scared up another hen about 100 yards away. Bullet #4, and Turkey #2.

What a morning, huh? So, I get my crap out of the blind up on the hill, and make my way down to gather my harvests...The doe was good, but I shot it in the butt, so I lost one of it's hams (good part for steaks). The first Turkey I shot was bad off...not much meat was spared after that bullet, but the 2nd turkey was great, and still had it's complete breast intact. So, I gather up the birds and drag out the deer, and now hear some Toms (Gobblers/Big Male Turkeys) away's off. I climbed back up the hill into the blind to get a better view with my binoculars, and I spot 2 Gobblers walking up and down a hillside about 225 yards away. So, I loaded up my clip again with bullets, and took aim the best I could.

Bullet #5 wizzed by one of their heads...they spooked a bit, and just ran around in circles. Bullet #6 was aimed right at the base of one of their necks...again, over shot. This was it, bullet #7...I aimed about 6 inches high, and it worked. Got that sucka right in the neck.

Turkey - 3
Deer - 1
Bullets - 7

Not a bad morning hunt! So, Luke and I head back to the cleaning station on camp and get to work. I breasted out the good hen, and then completely defeathered the Tom, and kept it whole. Those will both be fried in peanut oil come next Monday, X-mas eve. Then, we gutted, skinned, and quartered up the deer.

Now, I just needed a hog to make the trip complete. Long story short, I didn't see one, but Luke did, and he took it for me Wednesday night. We skinned and quartered it up yesterday morning and I headed for Austin with a full cooler. I had planned on visiting a deer processor called Hudson's on Congress to get a mixed steak made from the deer and hog meat, but they indicated very rudely that they couldn't get the meat back to me prior to me leaving in 2 1/2 weeks to Virginia. So, I decided to just try and do it myself.

I hit up Academy on the way home, and purchased a Meat Grinder with an extra bit motor (500 watts), an electric knife, and vacumm food saver with a ton of bags. It took me 3 hours, but I cut all the meat off the bone from both the deer and hog, and then ground it all up into fine hamburger. I mixed all of that up with a ton of spices I had laying around, shaped it into little balls, wrapped them in bacon, and then took unfolded paper clips to hold them together. Joanie and I ate two last night, and then I vacumm sealed the rest and threw them in the freezer. I figure if I get one more deer, it will all pay for itself. I also have some jerkey curing as well, so I guess I'm like the Martha Stewart of hunting and processing this year.

So, I'm off to drive all around the state of Texas this weekend to drop off gifts and pick up a few. I'll be in Kerrville on Sunday through Tuesday, so if you kids are around and read this, hit me up, so we can grab a cold one.

Merry Christmas!

December 17th

X-mas is almost here. This week is going to fly by, and then we have a 4 day Christmas weekend. I typically can't wait to get through the holidays and New Year, but this year, I only have about 3 weeks left in Texas, so I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. I think JZ and Luke might come out to the hunting lease to hang out with me, drink some beer, BBQ, and stuff this week. Then, I'm off to visit Joanie's family in Stamford over the weekend, and to my folks house on Sunday to spend X-mas Eve and X-mas day with them.
Jimmie Zimmerman with his daughter Ashlyn
We had lunch yesterday with JZ, Jennifer and their kids yesterday, as well as Zach and Rebecca. Then we moved some more of Joanie's apartment to my garage...she has to be out by the end of the month, and of course, our movers are picking up on the 2nd of January.

I'm working on getting a new bumper built for my truck...there is a company out of Atlanta that does it very well, and I might stop there on the way to get it installed if they can. Here are pics of Nissan Titan's with their bumpers and grill guards: Nissan Bumpers and Grill Guards. Pretty slick!

So, the pic above is of JZ and Ashlyn yesterday...JZ is really enjoying her...I think ready to have another as well.

December 13th

Happy Birthday Courtney! She just turned 29 yesterday.
Courtney Bulkley - 29 years old
Quite a bit going on today...just booked a ton of travel for January. So, I'm leaving Austin on the 5th, arrive to Va Beach on the 7th, leave for Zurich on the 9th, to Basel (Switzerland) on the 11th, go to Porto (portugal) on the 12th, back to Zurich on the 13th, then to New York, and finally to Va Beach on the 14th. Then, it's off to Louisville on the 17th through the 20th

Work is getting exciting around here...I'm cranking out our new website, booking a ton of orders for the Euro 2008 tournament this summer, and getting ready for big Derby and Masters in 08'.

I just finished posting our new company blog online (there is also a link on the left side of my blog), Great Atlantic Travel - Blog. Users are able to comment on stories, view discounted tickets, etc. Many of the links and features won't go live until the launch of the new website (January 2008), but I've got the employess, and myself, posting now.

Well, I'm heading to the Norfolk airport in about an hour...need to turn in my rental car, then check a bag, and it's off to Austin via Houston. AB

December 11th

Back in Va Beach today. Tons of work to get done this week, and then I'll be in Austin until I finally move up here in January. I've signed a lease on a house which is just 8 blocks from the beach and...
Mayweather knocks out the english midget
2 blocks from my office. I've scheduled a moving company to pick up my stuff in Austin on January 2nd, and then Joanie and I will be driving out here on the 5th to arrive on the 6th or 7th.

We had a blast last weekend in Richland Springs...I didn't shoot anything, but I saw some good bucks and a fox. I've already taken my 3 bucks for the season (2 in TX, and 1 in Canada), so I can only shoot pigs,turkey, and doe for the remainder of the year.

We watched the Mayweather/Hatton fight on Saturday night, and the good guy won. Well, I guess they both kind of suck; Mayweather is nothing but a rich thug, and then Hatton is an ugly midget Englishman. I didn't really care who won until all of the English fans starting booing during the US National Anthem...after that incident, it was on, and I was cussing Hatton and the English the entire match. If you didn't watch the fight, Mayweather knocked the midget out in the 10th round. It was probably the best fight that I've ever watched personally...both fighters were undefeated; a combined 81-0 record.

So, I've finally decided on plans for New Years...we're hitting the Austin Social Scene party at the Double Tree in Austin. Vallejo is playing, JZ's favorite band, and the Zimmermans, myself and Joanie, and Gary and his date, all have rooms at the hotel. There are still a few room packages remaining and of course, unlimited tickets, so if you want to join us, contact Bill Nadeef at Bill@Austinsocialscene.com or visit the website: www.austinsocialscene.com.


December 6th

It's about 10:00pm tonight...I didn't do much today but answer a ton of emails and lay on the couch. Jason, Joanie, Ronny, Chris Botha, and I hit up Dallas Night Club last night for cheap drinks and country dancing, and then finished up at LaLa's near my house.
LaLa's Bar - Austin Texas
Did you know that LaLa's was just named one of three top dive bars in the country by Maxim Magazine? No Kidding...check it out online here...anyway's they're packed these days obviously.

Joanie and I are heading to the hunting lease tomorrow with the dogs. Jason may go, as well as Alden and Gary Lux too. Billy Hill's Birthday is this weekend, so there should probably be around 20 or so folks at the lease...I'm cooking Venison Chili tomorrow night for the group, and then we'll smoke a brisket on Saturday, drink a few cases of beer, do some hunting, and sit around the fire. The Hatton vs Mayweather fight is Saturday night as well, so we'll have that shown on our 8ft projector which is shown on the side of Billy's travel trailer...very redneck, but hey, it's fun.


December 4th

Back in Austin today...flew in on the worst flight ever last night. Crying babies in front and behind me on both flights! Today is a new day though, and I've been running around all morning. I think that I'll probably go get a X-mas tree at some point today or tomorrow as well. It will only be up for a month or so, but that's fine with me....it will probably die in a week anyway.
Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree, Aaron Bulkley....
So, today, I'm working on a ton of euro 2008 orders and then the remainder of the week, on Great Atlantic Travel's new website...haven't made up my mind on quite everything yet. This SEO stuff and content, images, shopping cart installation, etc, takes a ton of time as well.

Oh, here is something that I haven't done before...people have been asking what I want for X-mas this year, so here is my list:
A Leopold Range Finder
A Nice Travel bag that I can take on flights rather than check my luggage...big enough for my cowboy boots, but small enough to put in the overhead bin
A Buck Knife
A Small LCD TV that I can hang in my office
.243 or .300 Win Mag ammunition (Winchester or Federal Premium)
A Wine Fridge


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