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February 2009 Entries

February 21st

Well, nothing new...we're slammed with hunters right now, which is great. We're beginning to think about expanding very soon to be able to host more hunters at once. We're already double booking weekends all the way through May, and we only have 6 total days off in the month of March.
Texas Hunt Lodge - World Record Yak
One of our best clients, Tay Bond, took the new World Record Yak on Monday. Here is the revised press release which should hit some papers soon

A Client of the Texas Hunt Lodge, a Hunt Package provider near Kerrville, TX, took the new World Record Yak, last Monday, February 16th. E. Tay Bond and his wife, Stacey, of Conroe, Tx booked the hunt with Guide and Texas Hunt Lodge owner, Aaron Bulkley, back in early February. The hunt took place on the Las Catarinas Ranch in northwest Kerr County on February 16th, 2009.

E. Tay Bond was guided by Aaron Bulkley and the ranch owner, J.A. Whittenburg V. Just the morning of the hunt, Bond at the last minute, decided to hunt the Yak with a Crossbow rather than Rifle which he brought along for the trip. He sighted in, and shot for the 1st time, the Horton 175 Legacy bow just an hour before the hunt began, and once he hit bulls-eye on his first two practice shots, he knew his and the Yak's destiny for that day.

The hunt started around 10:00am Monday morning, and by 11:00, Bond had located the Yak and had him in his sights. Bond and his guides hunted the Yak via Safari Style, then Spot and Stalk with Crossbow and African Shooting Sticks. The Yak didn't go down easily even though the 1st (2) shots were complete pass-through's it was the 3rd shot which breached the heart that finally took the massive Yak down.

Official measurements by SCI are 97 1/8 inches becoming the new World Record Yak taken with a Crossbow. Trophy Game Records (TGR) Officials have scored Bond's Yak at 362.4 centimeters TGR becoming the new all time World Record Yak. The Bond Yak blew away all other previous Yaks (regardless of method taken) in length measuring 38 1/8 inches on the left and 38 5/8 inches on the right side of his horns. The previous SCI Crossbow World Record Yak measured 77 1/8 inches and is #38 over all SCI. That Yak was taken in La Salle County, Texas in February 2002. Until now, there has never been a Yak taken with a Crossbow with the Trophy Game Records scoring system.

The Bond Yak will now be honored as a Diamond Trophy (largest ever taken for that species and method of hunting) for both the SCI and TGR Record Books this coming year.

The Texas Hunt Lodge, operated full time by the Bulkley family and their 10 foster kids, is a full service hunt package provider. The all inclusive hunt packages they provide include exceptional Texas themed accommodations, over 46 Exotic game species to hunt year round in the Texas Hill Country, Exotic game meals, private access to the Guadalupe River, and much more. All hunts are guided and take place on one of 15 different ranches in the Kerrville area.

I visited Gary Marshall in the hospital on Wednesday. He has had pneumonia, already 1 surgery, and has been in ICU for about 2 weeks now. Hope you get better soon...the Derby is creaping up on us.

February 12th

Busy week, and busier weekend coming up. We have (2) hunters arriving tomorrow to take a Scimitar Horned Oyrx, a Fallow Deer, and a Buffalo. Then we have the hunter seen in the post, coming to take the World Record Yak on Monday. This was the #10 in the World Addax Antelope taken last weekend with us.
Texas Hunt Lodge - World Record Addax
I went to Austin this past week for a Super bowl wrap up meeting with our business partners. We went to the Texas v Okie State game and watched the horns kick some butt. I also had a chance to hit up Fado and Kenichi, two of my favorite Austin establishments. Now, we're just gearing up for a couple of busy months of hunting, then off to Augusta, Georgia in April again for the Masters.

I decided to finally get my boat fixed up and sold...it's just been sitting here at my folks house since the Summer. It needs a little upholstery work, then hopefully it will sell this summer. Let me know if you're in the market for a sweet Tige...I just don't have time to use it anymore.

February 3rd

Business is Rockin' right now...I booked (3) hunts yesterday for Texas Hunt Lodge...our website is gaining popularity very quickly, and I've recently found a new Ranch that is offering us very cheap access to hunt.
If you ever wanted to shoot a Buffalo or a Trophy Ram (like the one Hardy is holding here from last Friday), now is the time to come see me.
Hardy Grissom with a Blonde Texas Dall Ram
In addition to the hunting, my business partner with Southern Sports Travel did a bang-up job at the Super Bowl this year, and we're definitely going to be putting more effort and investments into some US Major & International Events in the next month.

I'm still trying to find that good middle ground between devoting time to each business...I didn't think that the Texas Hunt Lodge would be doing so well when I started, but it has so much potential to be a huge business in the coming years. And since we're so busy with hunting, I haven't had much time to devote to the Travel and Tickets business. I have done just about zero to the SST website in the past month.

Well, it's good to be back in the country, Texas Country that is, not international...here's a short story why: Joanie and I had a long day Friday with work, she teaching, me hunting, so we as usual headed up to the Dam Store on Lake Ingram to join our friends for a few tall boys. We had planned on having "date night" all week on Friday, but it was such a perfect day to hang out outside with friends by the empty lake drinking, that we almost put it off altogether. It finally got cool enough that she persuaded me to go ahead and head to the house and have a shower, so we could go out to dinner. We got home about 5 minutes later, got dressed, and actually headed the opposite direction from town, towards Mexico. 2 1/2 hours later, we had checked into Hotel San Antonio in Ciudad Acuna, and were then having Super Nachos and fish bowl margaritas at MaCrosby's.
It's good to be back in Texas and in the country!

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