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February 2010 Entries

February 26, 2010

We have a busy weekend, which has already began. Yesterday, Justin, Dennis and I went out to Las Catarinas and met Jay to cull some Eland. We shot 5 Eland and recovered 4 because we ran out of light. Eland is considered the best meat in the world, so I can't wait to get our processing back from Woodbury's.

Eland Hunt
We have some Coon-asses in today hunting Zebra, Yak, and Ibex, then a Okie coming in about an hour for a Bison. Should be an eventful day...good thing the weather is cooperating...50's and Sunny.

February 19, 2010

So, most people know about the jackass, Joe Stack, that committed suicide by flying his plane into the IRS Building in Austin yesterday. Well, he injured a good friend of mine, Shane Hill, in the process. Shane was just working at his desk, and then an explosion. He was transported to a hospital in San Antonio with 2nd degree burns to his face, back, arms, neck. He is hopefully going home soon, but will be recovering for at least a month. My thoughts go out to Shane and Rachael.

Shane Hill
To Joseph Stack...man, you're writing a manifesto (Click Here) about all the harm that the Federal Government has done to you, and about how it's not fair to the working man, but then you go and injure the working man, nearly kill your family, and cost taxpayers millions of $ to rebuild a structure that you just destroyed. I wish you just would have crashed your plane into Lake Austin...that would have gotten our attention just as well.

February 16, 2010

Staying busy in the office this week. Last week, I was in Houston for a Email Marketing seminar where I was hoping to learn a couple of new things. What I did learn is that I could have taught the class...which is a good feeling I guess, but a waste of $400.

Viola and Joanie are doing well. We went to Fredericksburg and Luckenbach on Sunday, Valentines' Day. It was a beautiful day, about 65 and sunny, which is a nice change from the cold and wet winter we've been having thus far.

viola maria bulkley
We're getting ready for a couple of busy months at the Hunt Lodge. If things go as planned, we shouldn't have many days off in the coming months, which I don't mind cause I gotta pay Uncle Sam here fairly quick. I hope all you Obama-loving dead-beats that don't work and collect Unemployment and Food Stamps enjoy my contribution this year...Oh, and I worked my ass off for it, so make sure you spend my money well!

February 1, 2010

What a Slow and Cold Day. Phones are not really ringing today, unlike most Monday's. This is typically a great day to book new business. We do have a client coming in tonight to Hunt a Black Hawaiian Ram tomorrow.

Last week and weekend were busy. We had some new clients take great trophies including this 400+ Elk with a Crossbow, another new World Record.

World Record Elk
I heard a buddy of mine in the Ticket Business got screwed recently for nearly $4 Million at the Winter Olympics. It always happens to the honest folks, and not to those that deserve it, like the Martins. Man, I'm glad I'm not dealing with those headaches any longer. I hope that not too many of the good folks in the industry get hurt financially over that ordeal. It was always a pain-in-the-ass dealing with the negative effects of someone else's "deal-gone-wrong" at an event, in addition to the scum bags and thiefs of the ticket industry.

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