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January 31st

Last day of the month...this went by fast. Well, this weekend, I'm going Dog-on-Hog
Los Angeles Night Pic
Hunting Friday night, probably drive out to Richland Springs to pick up a deer from my processor on Saturday, then over to Fado's Saturday night to see MW - the U2 tribute band. The Super Bowl...probably Shane and Rachael's place.

I just booked my flight out to LA for next Saturday, Feb 10th. I'm staying at my sister's place and then hitting the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Did you hear? The Police will be once again playing and for the first time at the Grammy's. Can't wait!

January 29th

Fun weekend and now a crazy Monday. Walked in this morning to the news that 3 of our sales guys, and friends of mine, have quit and are starting their own company. Shelby, Chad and Jeremiah are no longer employees. I don't think that they'll make it in this business on their own personally, but good luck in whatever they do.
Friday Night at Fado
Gary, Stephanie E, and I all went out Friday night. We started off at Lucky Lounge, met up with Alex, Steve and Bruce, then went over to Fado to watch my favorite U2 tribute band. Those guys rocked and the place was packed. I laid low for the rest of the weekend. I have a buddy from High School, Scott Roge, playing 6th street this Thursday. So, I'll be out. Join me if you want.

January 26th

I attended the Ticket City Happy Hour last night. We went to Dave and Buster's and have a few beers, shots, played some games. We then went to Red Fez to see Vehicular, the band I talked about last week. Those guys are awesome!
Gary D Lux - Starlight Theatre smoking a Cigar
Gary D Lux is coming into town tonight. We don't have any crazy plans yet...we're just gonna play it by ear. I would love to go hunting or something, but my lease is a mess with all the bad weather lately and I don't want to be playing in the mud this weekend.

Speaking of hunting, Me, Alex Andrawes, Ronny Roberts (a guy I work with, and possibly Bruce Estrada, are going on a unique hog hunt a week from today. We're going after large wild boars, 300-400lb range, with only dogs and knives, no guns. The idea is to follow behind one group of dogs until they pick up the scent of the hogs. They take off after the pigs, round them up, bark, and then we come find them with 2 big ol' pit bulls. These dogs, fitted with kevlar vests, take the hog down by grabbing on to it's ears and nose. Then, we jump on top of the pig and stab it in the heart. Sounds tough, I know, but I can't wait. Hopefully we'll have some fun pictures or video that I can share.

January 24th

Man, this month is flying by. One more week of January, then the Super Bowl, then I'm off to Cali for the Grammy's the following weekend, I have a Phi Psi weekend the next, then I'm taking a bunch of kids to a Rotary Youth Exchange Retreat to wrap up the weekend's for February. This is going to be tough.
Brock Kreitzburg - US Olympic Bobsleigh Team
So my buddy, Brock (guy on the left in picture above), has just become the #1 ranked Bobsleigh team in the world for 2-man, and #2 in the world for 4-man. I met him at a Sports Illustrated Party in Torino during the 2006 Winter Olympics, and we've kept in touch over the past year. He competed with the US Bobsleigh team in Torino but they didn't fair so well at the time. Since then he's been practicing non-stop, and the results have obviously paid off. Anyway, he's now in the World Championships this weekend in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Way to go Brock! We're all very pround of you.

January 22nd

I hate Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Sean Combs Wannabe clothing designer/musician/star...and here he is getting busted while checking out Jessica Biel. Word is he also got denied at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Golden Globes after party. That guy just needs to fade away like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer...but so does Madonna.
Puff Diddy Sucks
My weekend was good...fairly uneventful with the exception of JZ's wine party Friday night and going to get my truck on Saturday. I did go to Church yesterday, so that's one more notch for Aaron in God's psuedo bedpost.


January 19th

Friday...Yes! This was a short week. Well, my truck is ready in Kerrville, so I'm heading that way this weekend eventually. First, I'm going to SA tonight to stay at Jimmie and Jennifer's house. They are hosting a wine party.
U2 Tribute Band @ Fado in Austin
Then, tomorrow morning, I'm going to Kerrville to trade trucks with my folks. I've been driving their new Chevy 3500 long bed truck all week while mine was in the shop getting the water drained from the gas tank.
Then, it's back to Austin tomorrow night to see one of my favorite tribute bands, Mysterious Ways, at Fado.

Last night, Me, Alex and Bruce saw a cool band at Red Fez...Vehicular. These guys were off the chain...they're like the Beastie Boys. Three young white boys in ties and jackets, but better lyrics. Check out one of their shows...every Thursday at Red Fez from 8:00-11:00. I'm gonna try to go next Thursday if you want to tag along.

January 18th

I'm finally getting some photos posted from last weekend. Make sure you look at the Random Photos section of the website. David Campos is seen here after he shot his first deer last weekend.
David Campos - First Deer Jan. 12, 2007
We were sitting in a blind on Friday afternoon when this spike came out chasing around some doe. David knocked him down with my TIKA .243.

I've got a busy work day and a Rotary Meeting to get to. I'm going out with Alex and Bruce tonight...I'll let everyone know how that turns out tomorrow.

January 16th

I just got into work...and then we decided that we're about to close the office. We have a huge ice storm in Austin right now. The entire city is shut down.
Austin Ice Storm - January 2007
The Youth hunt this weekend was a really good time. We had a ton of success with 5 kids harvesting deer and hogs. My truck did have some issues though and is still at Balsar's Automotive in Kerrville as we speak. I was running low on gas, so I chose 1 of the 20 five gallon gas cans out there that were supposed to be all new gas to put into my truck. It was 5:45 Sunday morning, and I got about 500 yards into a pasture on the way to a deer blind when my truck sputtered and stalled. Turns out, the gas wasn't gas afterall, but water that smelled like gas. So, I had to get a tow truck to come out 60 miles and take my truck into town. Now, they have to remove my gas tank and clean it out completely. Just goes to show you that a good deed never goes unpunished.
I'll post some photos of the weekend up later this week.

January 10th

This week is nearly over for me. I'm working all day today, have some Rotary Club stuff to do tomorrow, then it's off to Kerrville for the weekend. I'm taking one of my parent's foster kids, David, hunting this weekend on this special Texas Youth hunting trip.
don't drop your cell phone
We're camping out on a ranch, cooking out, etc. This picture made me think of camping and someone dropping their cell phone in the out-house.
Also, some good news in the baby world. No, not me. Kris and Megan are engaged...he proposed on New Year's Day. They are also expecting a baby in August.

January 8th

Had a good weekend. I went to my hunting lease on Friday, shot a big doe on Saturday morning. My dog loved the ranch...she was a pretty good dog all weekend...very smart. Cara, Ernie, Kris and Megan, and I went to Waterloo Ice House on Saturday night and watched the Cowboys lose another close one.
Cara, Lisa, and Misty Benson
I don't know what they're going to do with these players that keep dropping the ball (literally). TO drops at least 2 passes per game, Romo can't go 2 games without a major screw up...the only guy that is dependable right now is the field goal kicker, Gramatica, and he's new.

This picture is from New Year's Eve at Brad's house in H-town. Cara, Misty and Lisa (I think) - post midnight.

January 5th

Mike Rains stayed at my place last night...in Austin on business this morning. He's heading out to my deer lease with me today and we're gonna grill up some wild hog. I think that JZ is coming to join us manana (couldn't find a tilde ~ on my keyboard). That's all for now...Everyone have a great weekend and keep the beer away from the babies!
Up against the Wall Redneck Mother

January 4th

Man, what a crappy day my dog had yesterday. I took her to the vet yesterday for a physical and to get her started on flea and heartworm medication...she has fleas already, has a stomach worm, and then I had to give her 3 different types of medicine when we got home. Well, let's just say that the medicine has been making her really sick and the clean up job wasn't so nice this morning.
Luka in the yard
What else...I think I'm going hunting this weekend. At least one night. Then next weekend, I am volunteering for the Texas Youth Hunting Program and taking some kids out hunting. Don't worry...hunting season is nearly over, so you won't have to hear about this crap for much longer.

January 3rd

I finally got my dog! Picked her up at 11:00pm last night at the airport. I have named her "Luka", you know like the Suzanne Vegas song: My name is Luka I live on the second floor I live upstairs from you Yes I think you've seen me before. If you hear something late at night ...
Yea, it's a better dog's name than a name for a crazy girl.
Pic from my 29th Birthday Party
I also got a new phone yesterday. It's the new Cingular Blackjack. It has everything: my email, qwerty keypad, really good camera, video, mp3 player, memory card, etc...It's not much bigger than my last phone either, about 1/2 inch thin.

The picture is from my Birthday party last Friday night...Ronny, Gilbert, Zach and I at the Draught House.

January 2nd

Happy New Year! What a long weekend. We had a blast on Friday night for my birthday. I will post some pictures of that evening this week. I ended up going to Houston with Cara, to Brad Odem's party, Sunday night. We had such a good time. Had a chance to hang out with Jonathan, Chuck and Tash, EK, Mary Kate, Misty Benson, and more...
New Year's 2006 - Brad Odem and Aaron
My electricity went out in part of my house this weekend...I think from all the rain. I now have orange extension cords running through windows, doors, etc to keep my deep freeze cold. Anyways, looks like a ghetto crack house now.

What else...supposively, I am finally getting my dog tonight. She is supposed to get in at 10:40 on a flight, but I still have my doubts...this breeder has been giving me the run around for 2 weeks now. I've had all the food, toys, crate, water bowl, etc. set up for a week now, but no puppy. I'll let you know how it goes...

December 28th 2006

I'm planning some cool trips for next year. I want to go snow skiing in February for a long weekend...probably Red River, New Mexico so we can hang out at the Motherload, a cool locals bar where "Red Neck Mother" was written. I think Jerry Jeff Walker got into a fight there and wrote about it.
U2's Clarence Hotel in Dublin
Another awesome trip I want to take would be to stay at the Clarence Hotel, in Dublin, owned by Bono and The Edge from U2. It would be great to visit during St. Patrick's Day, but that may be too early in the year...so, possibly this summer for about a week, then also tour around Ireland a bit.

Costa Rica is also in the plans...Lajitas resort and Hunt Club in September for some dove hunting, and then back to Germany (Munich) for Oktoberfest if I can fit it in.

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