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June 28th

I'm off for the next 10 days...gonna sleep in everyday, drink and eat too much, spend too much money, get too much sun, and chill! I'm heading to Hunt tomorrow to relax for the weekend, then to Stamford on Tuesday of next week. I'll be sitting on the boat a half-dozen times if it ever stops raining.
Guadalupe River in Hunt, TX
If anyone wants to road trip to Mexico, hit up Gruene for some tubing, or just chill on Lake Austin, hit me up. I ain't got shit to do.

June 27th

Another lazy day of summer. Except that there's a freakin typhoon outside. Marble Falls got 18 inches of rain this morning, so all of the lakes on the Colorado river are flooded now, including Lake Austin, Lake Travis, and Town Lake...that means no boating, swimming, etc for at least a week cause there will be too much crap in the water.

I saw this newspaper clipping online just now and started cracking up...I was just at home for lunch watching an old episode of Fresh Prince...the one where he graduates from High Schoool. Funny how things like that work out...I haven't seen an episode of Fresh Prince in probabaly 10 years until today.
Another Newspaper Clipping
June 27th - 2nd Post
So, tomorrow is my last day of work in the office for 10 days...I'm taking off on Friday, with Joanie, my dog, and my boat, for Hunt. The Pruitt (Mom's side of the fam) family reunion is this weekend at my parent's house. There should be around 100 people there I believe. My aunt Marie and her family are flying in from the Virginia Beach area, and then the rest of the family basically lives within 4 hours driving distance. Luke and Anna will be the main attraction with the newest member of the Pruitt family, Lauren. She's supposed to be wearing a shirt that say's "Pruitt 82" on it... I guess because she's the 82nd Grandchild...isn't that crazy? My Grandparents have 82 grandkids, great-grandchildren, great, great, etc. My mom was number 8 of 10 siblings, so there are a ton of us. My grandmother, Granny Marie Pruitt, just turned 91 I believe, and my Grandpa, "Pop" whom died in 1995, would have been 102...it will be good to see the family...I've been too busy the past few years and miss times like these.

June 26th

Nothing but a joke today...no complaints, no praises...life is just good.
Newspaper Clipping
Joke of the Day
Well, it appears our African-American friends have found yet something else to be pissed about. A black congresswoman reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal. She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in language that street people can understand.

I can hear it now...A weatherman in Houston says..."Wazzup, Mutha-fukkas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin' fo' yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category fo'! So grab yo' chirren, yo' Ho, leave yo crib, and head fo' de n earest guv'ment office fo yo FREE shit!"

June 25th

So, I am banged-up, bruised-up, and cut-up today...I started my weekend off by getting up at 6:00am Saturday morning, with a massive hangover. I loaded up my tools, dog, grabbed some Starbucks coffee,
My parent's new boat dock on Lake Ingram
and hit the road for the deer lease in Richland Springs.

I got there around 8:00am, and we fixed feeder panels, filled feeders, cut and haul mesquite brush, fixed blinds, etc. until around 1:00pm. I also loaded up my 29' Coleman travel trailer on the back of my truck, and headed to my folks place outside of Kerrville. Three hours down the road, I unloaded the my travel trailer next to the one that I just bought them, and then chilled out in Hunt, TX that afternoon drinking beer and cooking fajitas.

I got up around 9:00am yesterday, and my Dad, Luke, and I re-built the dock down at the lake. It started off kinda slow...I dropped not one, but two drills in the water, fell through the dock and scraped all the skin off my left shin, ran out of wood...but we were finished, all except for re-hanging the ladder, by 5:30pm. I am definitely hurting today though...I am limping and can barely get up out of my chair at work.

Good News! I only have to work til Thursday, then I'm off for 10 consecutive days. Ok, so even better news: Jimmie Z and Jennifer finally sold their house in San Antonio, and are moving to Austin this weekend, Sunday. I'll be at my folks house for the Pruitt Family Reunion all weekend, but if you're around, he's looking for some day laborers...$10 an hour...you can probably negotiate a better deal though!

Post Blog Script: Way to go LP on the 137 IQ...I hear that you get smarter after 5 vodka tonics though, not slower.

June 22nd

So, I just took an online IQ test. After 150 questions which took me about an hour, my score was a 140...What does that mean? So, I did some more research.
IQ Graph
Turns out that I'm a fucking genius...Don't believe me - Click here!. I took a paid version of an IQ test that I had a promo code for, but there are several free tests out there for you to try: Giqtest.com, Tickle.com, FunEducation.com.

It's amazing...only 3 years of High School and 3 years of College...that just goes to show that school is over-rated. Get your butt out in the world - Travel a little! You'll learn more in 2 months living in a foreign country than you will in an entire year in the US.


June 21st

Today is officially the first day of Summer. In Finland, it's the day of the Mid-Summer Festival...the sun doesn't set, and everyone stays up all night for a little BBQ, Beer, bon-fires, dancing, friends, etc. I was actually invited to a Mid-Summer Festival Party this year in Helsinki.
Map of Finland - Suomi
I'm going to try to make it to Finland in August to visit some friends, business contacts, and see Paulina's wedding, but I have to be in Paris on August 28th, and I also have the Mexico lake trip planned for August 16-19th...kind of running out of time to do stuff. I was looking at my calender, and I really only have about 2 free weekends left for the entire summer...


June 20th

So, I get people telling me how lucky I am to work overseas with European and English sports, Rugby, Football, etc. Well, watch this poor guy and then you'll know why I'm always in a hurry to get back to Texas.
*Update* - If you can't see the video, this will give you an idea of what I'm talking about:
Stupid Drunk English Stupid Drunk English

JZ is in town today and tomorrow, so I'm probably going to hang out with him tonight and have dinner with his parents, my Aunt and Uncle. I'm going to my hunting lease this weekend for a bit to do some off-season work, then to Hunt to rebuild my parent's dock. Fun times...no, really.


June 19th

Long Day ...ready to hit the lake. Email or call me if you want to join up.

Partying on Lake Austin

June 18th

I got about 24 hours of sleep this weekend, which was awesome. I'm back to nearly 100% again. After 4 nights of going out on the town last week, Tuesday - Friday nights, I basically turned off my phone, and chilled all weekend.
Chillin, Watching TV
I did go to San Antonio on Saturday and stayed with JZ and Jenn that night. On the way, I stopped in New Braunfels, and hung with Gary and his cute 4 yr. old daughter, Mackenzie, for a few hours. We drove out to Sattler, and then down River Road to view some camp spots for the weekend after the 4th of July. I then hit the road again, arrived at JZ's around 6:00, and we cooked up some fat steaks on his new grill. Adam was with them, their 4 yr. old, so he entertained us all evening.

Headed back to Austin yesterday, cleaned the house, and hung at Hula Hut for a couple of hours...that was it...nothing too exciting...just chillin!


June 15th

Kind of a crazy week...I went out the past 3 nights for different things, and now I'm exhausted. I don't know if I'm gonna make it to Gruene tomorrow to go tubing.
Dave Edmondson with his jugs of beer
I think that I'll just chill at the house, or drive out to SA, or San Saba; somewhere in Texas that's cool.

We had our company happy hour/NBA Finals watching party last night up at Aussies. Above is Dave Edmondson, Caroline's husband delivering more beer for the table. There were about 25 of us at the zenith of the evening. All had a great time.

Man, you want to hear about a bad beat? So, I'm not a big gambler or anything...I have sportsbook.com account which I mentioned in my last post, and I was up $250 from Spurs Finals Game 3. I ended up parlaying my $500 on Game 4 last night...the line was Spurs -3. Did you see the end of that F*&%#NG Game? The Spurs were up by 4 with only 1.9 seconds left in the game...it's over folks. But then it wasn't...jackass Damon Jones runs down court to hit a pointless 3-pointer at the buzzer...why? You were still going to lose...just let me win my $1000, asshole!


June 13th

Happy Birthday Zach Mills!

Zach is 28 today...we're all meeting up tonight at SpeakEasy, then out to get him 28 shots for his birthday. I'll probably be around for about 3 hours of the debauchery, then heading in early as I've got a company happy hour tomorrow night at Aussie's.
Zach Mills on Lake Austin
So, the Spurs won again last night, and with only a 1.5 point line in favor of Cleveland, I won $250 from Sportsbook.com. I think that I'll parlay that to Game 4...the Cavs are down and out, so even with a Spurs 4-5 point line, I think it's done.

Oh, and if you don't have plans for this weekend, I think there is a group of us heading to Gruene. Tubing and beer in the Guadalupe. Join us if you like...

I have a new email address now as well...trying to keep the spammers guessing of course. It's: 1977@aaronbulkley.com


June 12th

Hostel Part 2

If you haven't seen it yet...get your ass to the movie theatre. This movie was the best that I've seen all year...of course, I am a big fan of the first movie as well, and I highly recommend that you see Hostel (part 1) prior to seeing part 2.
Best movie of the year - Hostel 2
The first Hostel is more intense, sexier, scary, etc, but Hostel 2 has more of the story behind the business. Part 2 pics up right were the 1st left off with the same character which survives. To understand some of the twisted pleasure of the film (like the rich bidding on the 3 girls on their black berries), you must have a good preview, again, watch the 1st film.
The film ends with you cheering for the hero, and laughing at some kids kicking a girls head around like a soccer ball, then one kicking it through a tree and yelling, "GOAL!". At the end of the movie, I wanted to catch a flight to eastern Europe and get over to Slovakia or Prague...not as a victim or pyscho killer, but just to hang out in old Europe which you see in the film.


June 11th

Kind of a long weekend, but good. First off, Happy Birthday Jenna!
The Sopranos season finale sucked!
I went down to San Antonio yesterday to see my new cousin, Lauren Marie, at the hospital. Afterwards, headed over to JZ and Jenn's and hung out til around 9:00pm. His kids drew tattoo's on my arm, and JZ and I ran some errands, drank some margaritas at Chuy's.

So, time for the Rant of the day. The very much anticipated Soprano's season finale SUCKED! It was horrible from beginning to end. Who cares about AJ Soprano and his ambitions to join the Army and fly a helicopter for Donald Trump; or his new car and girlfriend? We wanted to see people getting whacked! Not Meadow sitting on her bed with some character from 4 seasons ago, or Sylvio just sitting in the hospital bed...die already people...it's the last episode. I must say... out of all of the horrible season finale's of television, this has to be the biggest let down of all time. Don't agree with me? Well, then you didn't watch it obviously...you were probably watching the Spurs bonecrush the Cavaliers yet again.


June 8th

Lauren Marie Pruitt, the latest edition to my extended family, was born last night at 11:08 to my cousin Luke Pruitt and his wife Anna. They're in San Antonio at Methodist Hospital, so I'm probably going to swing by there tomorrow to say Hello.
Aaron Bulkley volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank
This is a huge moment in the Pruitt family (around 150 blood relatives - my Mother's side of the family), as Luke has always been one of the favorite grand children/cousins, and everyone has been wanting them to have some children for years.

So, I volunteered yesterday at the Central Austin Food Bank for a few hours...I cleaned and checked the expiration dates on cans/boxes all afternoon. Some of that food that was donated was so old that I wouldn't feed it to my dog. It gave me a new perspective on donation items. In the past, I would just go through my pantry, grab a half full peanut butter, some open pasta, etc, and just through that in with any cans I didn't want. Now, I know that if it's opened or expired, it's just going to the trash anyway, so I'll save my time, and the volunteers' time in the future.

Well, I'm heading to Shane and Rachael's Poker tournament tonight...it's open to anyone that has money, so if you want to stop by, here's the details: Poker Evite


June 6th

A little tired this morning. Hit up a show last night at Momo's after a kick-ass Sushi dinner at Kenichi. Need to go back to bed...maybe this Venti Starbucks will wake me up soon. I'd like to be hanging out in Hunt still at the river with a fishing pole, cup of coffee, and a pillow.
Joanie and Rebecca hanging at the Flats in Hunt, TX
So, I'm still in Rugby World Cup ticket hell...I have about 1000 seats on my desk, below my desk, all around my desk, that need to be processed. This is going to take me at least another 3 days. Good news is that I've got a stack of beef jerky on my desk to keep my belly full, and obviously a computer here to keep me entertained. What websites do I check out while I'm online?...here's a few:
Ernie's House of Whoop Ass
My Online Banking - Bank of America
My Blog, of course
Church Sign Generator
Hog Hunting Crap
My Stock Porfolio
My Space
Virtual Girlfriend
and so much more...


June 5th

Yes, I know I've been slacking as of late...sorry folks. Too much going on these days I guess, and it doesn't help that my laptop screen went out. I had to have Dell support come and replace it yesterday.
Rugby World Cup Tickets
Some advice, if you own a laptop, buy the accidental warranty, or at least a service warranty. It saved me quite a bit of money and hassle...they showed up to my work a day after I called and it took them 10 minutes to fix. Way to go Dell! I just ordered a new home computer as well from Dell since they've done an outstanding job with my laptop. Should be here later this week hopefully. It's a 250 gig hardrive, 2 gig memory, 20 inch flatscreen monitor, laser printer, the works.

My weekend went well...Luke, my cousin, and I spent about 4 hours hauling a 40 foot tree out of the river and cutting it up into movable pieces with a chainsaw. After that, Luke, Joanie, Rebecca and I went out to my Uncle Jack's ranch to play around with the dogs. Joanie and Luke both shot some little wild hogs that were trapped in a pen; Jack and Luke gutted and skinned them, then I cooked them on the grill at my folks house that evening.

We hit up Crider's Dance Hall in Hunt Saturday night, and then just hung out in the river all day Sunday. I've been fighting a cold for about a week now, and on Sunday it got pretty bad. I stayed at home on the couch all day yesterday taking tons of medication. Feeling much better today though. Today, I'm working on a ton of Rugby World Cup tickets...we just received probably over 1000 in the last week that must get processed ASAP.

So, the Spurs are playing in the finals this week against the Cavs...I'm really glad that Lebron and Daniel Gibson are getting their shot at the title, but there is no way, (repeat) NO WAY, they will beat the Spurs. Regardless, it is a much more entertaining match-up than the Spurs/Pistons. I'm gonna try to make it to one game this week...hopefully Thursday.


June 1st

Accidently deleted this post...Pauliina and her fiance'.
Pauliina Ketola

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