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June 27, 2009

Sitting in the office at the Hunt Lodge waiting for some clients to fly into Kerrville Airport today. We have 5 today and 4 more hunting tomorrow.

Craigslist Ad

I was on craigslist this morning posting information about the Texas Youth Hunt Banquet in October, when I came across this Arcade Game for Sale...this is hilarious: http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/clt/1219526938.html Enjoy!


June 24, 2009

Haven't had much to say lately, nor the time to write, thus my silence here on the blog. So, quite a bit to catch up on. Congrats Gary and Rhonda...they were married last weekend in Port Aransas. JZ was the minister...so far he's 2 for 2 on weddings.

Joanie and I should find out the sex of the baby late next week....Joanie is right at 18 weeks.

Gary Lux Wedding

On the Hunt Lodge front, we are staying ridiculously busy and things are going well. We are now the Booking Agent and Official Outfitter for the Las Catarinas Ranch in Kerr County. This is probably the most exclusive and high end Exotic Hunt Ranch in Texas at this time and the Whittenburgs (Owners) are very nice folks.

I am the Chairperson for a Non Profit Organization called Texas Youth Hunt, and we're hosting our first annual Fundraising Banquet in Kerrville at the Buckhorn Lake Resort on Saturday, October 3rd. The event will raise funds for us to take Disadvantaged Youth on Hunts, provide them with hunting gear, and allow us to market our services to other children in Texas.
Tickets for the Texas Youth Hunt Banquet are only $35 per person and include Dinner, (2) Drinks, and a Raffle for an Exotic Hunt with Texas Hunt Lodge. Call or Email me if you are interested in attending and would like to purchase tickets. (830)367-7611.


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