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March 26th

Man, I'm sicker than a dog this week. I did not want to get out of bed this morning, but I have a ton of work stuff that has to get done today. I had to fire someone this morning...she was lazy and not really understanding what we're doing here...kind of in her own world all day.
Lauren Pruitt
I also have to configure our new server today, then it's off to the house so I can relax in bed and try to kick this cold/flu I've got.

Joanie had the flu all of last week, and now I think I have it. I've been cramming tons of pills, theraflu, nyquil, etc down my throat this week, but still haven't kicked it. As long as I'm better by this time next week, I'm OK. I head to Augusta for the Masters the middle of next week, and will be working mostly outside the following week.

So, the picture above is the latest one I've received of my 2nd cousin, Lauren Pruitt. She looks just like her father, Luke. She should be turning 1 year old here pretty soon.

March 18th

Came back home from Las Vegas last night. Joanie and I went flew up on Friday morning for both a business trip, and so I could relax from about 11 weeks of non-stop work. We had a really good time with the exception of the Longhorns losing to Kansas on Sunday.
Marquez vs Pacquiao in Las Vegas
We arrived to Vegas at around 2:30pm on Friday...we polished off about 4 books of Southwest Free Drink coupons on the way up there, so needless to say, we already had a good start. We checked into the New York, New York Casino Hotel, and about 2 hours later, we were up $1500 from the Craps and Roulette tables. So, at that point, we chose to stop gambling for a bit and have some fun. We hit up the usual's, Red Square and a club at Mandalay Bay. The next day I had a business meeting that took place at ESPN Zone so we could watch basketball as well at the same time. The person I had the meeting with ended up hooking me up with some tickets to the Marquez vs Pacquiao fight that night as well....if you watched the fight, Marquez got robbed...if you didn't, you can catch it on HBO this Saturday for free.

We ended up crashing early Saturday night, and then a buddy of mine from Cali drove up on Sunday to hang out with us. We all went to see the Beatles Love Show at the Mirage, followed by Dinner at Smith & Wollensky's...by far, the best Prime Rib I've ever had.

We ended up pulling an all nighter on Sunday, hit the airport at 7:00am, caught a flight home, and got into bed around 7:30pm last night. My bed has never felt so good.

So, I'm back at work today, and things are beginning to pick up...I'm getting ready to head to Augusta on April 2nd, and then a whirlwind year will begin. I looked at my calender this past week, and I'm only in Virginia Beach 6 days in the month of April, and maybe only 2 weeks in May. I'm in Switzerland and Austria all of June, back for a couple of weeks in July, then in Beijing until the end of August.

I will need some time off in September, so I'm putting together a guy's trip in September to Oktoberfest in Munich. If you want to join us, shoot me an email and I'll tell you all about it. We have reservations at the most exclusive beer hall of the event, so this is a must travel trip if you can swing it.

March 7th

I've been at work since 8:00am this morning, and now it's 10:00pm on a Friday night, and guess where I'm at? Sitting at work in front of another F*#$ing computer. Our Email server is old and needs to go; we knew that, but thought we should wait til a new version comes out later in the year. Unfortunately, this one isn't going to make it.
I hate computers
So, I'm waiting on a buddy to call me back to assist with this shit, but he's at dinner, and I will probably be working again, all weekend trying to fix this crap.

The weather is crappy here again as well...raining all day, and looks to be raining tomorrow as well. Then, it will cool off a little and we'll have sunny skies for a week or so. I can't wait til summer time. Virginia Beach is not the place to live in the off-season, cold and wet, but summer is supposively unbeleivable. Can't Wait.

Well, I took a break to talk to a guy name Kiran in Bangalore, India about our server. I have to run some tests on it which should complete in about an hour. It's 12:40am, Saturday morning now, so I should get out of here around 3:00am I figure. Happy Saturday!

March 4th

Another busy week. I've written more html web pages in the past 2 months than ever in my life. Every day, it seems that I'm writing another 4-5 pages for events that we're pushing on Great Atlantic Travel: Sports Tour Packages I've created events and pages for events that won't occur for another 3-4 years.
Ralph Bulkley in High School
So, my Mom sent me a picture that she found in a local paper from Junction, TX, the Junction Eagle. My dad, Ralph Bulkley, is pictured on the bottom right. I guess he's around 16 or so in that photo.

My Grandmother had a birthday the other day...I think she turned 93 or 94. I just sent her a picture and a little note...don't know when I'll see her next. Anyway, long time to be here. I personally think I'll be lucky to make it to 70...if I get just one little hint of Alzheimers, that's it for me! I'll just take a one way ticket to Vegas and disappear in the desert somewhere. Not going to put myself or my family through all of that.


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