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May 30th

Back to work...Man, do I have a ton of shit to get done this week. Busy, Busy, Busy. I'm not hitting the lake this weekend. Instead, I'm heading to Hunt to do some work at my parents house.
Joanie and Rebecca dirtying-up Lake Austin
I think Joanie and Rebecca are coming along as well as all of our dogs. I'll be cutting up a tree that fell in the water, towing it up and stacking it for a bonfire, while these girls work on their tans.

Then, Saturday night, probably hit up Criders in Hunt. If you're around Kerrville this weekend, come on over and help out, or at least say "hi" at Criders. I'd love to catch up with all you Kerrville punks!


May 29th

Yes, I am alive and back in Texas. Many of you have not heard from me because I've been underground hiding as I wind down from my international adventures.
Delta Airlines
Memorial Day Weekend will be a very rememberable one for me. I didn't technically do much, but I've decided to make some major decisions in my life, I think. Anyway, back from Europe on Friday...the flight sucked...stuck in a middle seat and couldn't sleep. I hung out with friends most of the weekend...took it easy, and tried to get some rest. Visited my parents yesterday...I'm probably heading back to Ingram/Hunt this weekend to remove a huge tree that has fallen into the lake on the waterfront. My mother also wants me to rebuild our dock, so it could be a long weekend, or two, this month. Anyway...it's a long week at work, so I'm off to get back to it. Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend!


May 24th

Ha! The English lost the UEFA Champions League Final...don't get me wrong, I don't like the Italians either, but there were about 60,000 English fans in Athens yesterday,
Typical English
and they didn't improve the image of their countrymen in my mind. Just a bunch of drunken thieves. You should see these blokes getting all revved up for their team, getting wasted...then they lose, and they head straight for the airport...only to see them sleeping all over any available floor space at the Athens airport at 6:00am this morning... it was quite a humorous sight...I don't think half of them actually had return tickets, so they held up the ticket lines and delayed every plane out of Athens by at least 2-3 hours.

So, I just got back to Paris after one of the longest days of my life. I slept a total of 8 hours in the last 3 days. The event was stressful, no doubt, but it's over now, and I'm looking forward to getting back to Austin so I can get some much needed R&R. I leave at 9:00am tomorrow, then back in Austin tomorrow night.


May 22nd

I met this girl from Lithuania last night...having drinks at the bar discussing work, hobbies, and then blogs. She had no idea what a blog was nor why anyone would do it. I explained it as a public diary...she says "Diaries are private, not public".
Acropolis at Night - Athens - Aaron Bulkley
Good Point! But if I didn't write about my daily exploits, show pictures of what I'm doing, tell stories about my friends, etc, then no one would really know me. I'm not exactly around Texas so much these days. She still thought it was silly, but then I showed her my blog, and I think I've got another one hooked. As of last count (when I last checked my web logs), there were 172 different folks reading this blog per day. I'm thinking of revamping it when I get back to Austin for awhile...possibly add a comment section to each of my posts so that I can get some feedback and find out who is reading this shit.


May 21st
In Athens now...this place is a helluva lot better than Paris. Everything is cheaper...taxi's, food, hotel. And the place is much more beautiful than cold and rainy France. To be honest, I don't know how I'm going to deal with Paris for 2 months come this fall. I'm going to need to take short trips to Germany, Portugal, etc to keep sane.
South of France near Toulon - Aaron Bulkley
I did have a great Saturday in the "Sud de fRance". Christophe was our tour guide and flew us down to Toulon, which is located on the Mediterranen Sea, in the southern most part of France. We took a ferry to an island called Porquerolles, and then rented a boat for the day. There were mostly sail boats, but we found a 26 ft cuddy motor boat. We mostly just laid out in the sun all day, swam a little in the freezing salty sea, and then docked on a beach and hiked around the island a bit. We visited a very nice hotel, rated one of the top in France I believe, and pretended to be guests for a couple of hours. We hung out at the pool, ordered Pina Coladas, and then Christophe and I played a high stakes game of pétanque where I took him for 160 euros...I guess all of those days of horseshoes and washers finally paid off.

So, I took a train back to Paris Saturday night and when staight to bed when I got to the hotel around 12:30am. Woke up the next morning, packed, and took an Olympic Airlines flight to Athens. Checked into the Marriott, and now I'm working the UEFA Champions League Final which is to be played here on Wednesday. There will be a ton of English and Italians here as the teams playing are Liverpool and AC Milan. If you know me, that is definitely not my ideal choice of company...can't stand those greasy italians, and every English football fan is a drunken thief. Yeah! Can't Wait!
The view from the balcony of my hotel in Athens
Parthenon from My Hotel

May 18th
So, I've seen just about everything in Paris...the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, fine deserts, the Museum of Modern Art, my new office at the Louis Vuitton Building, Rolland Garros, and more. Yes, probably half the crap listed above is mispelled...deal with it, I'm not french.
Aaron Bulkley at the Eiffel Tower
Anyway, I've taken a ton of photos here (about 200 thus far), and will post some of my random photos page, so check it out if you're bored. Tomorrow, we're supposed to take a 300km per hour train to the south of France, then board a boat that takes us to an island...we'll see how much wine we drink tonight before that happens. I'd say there's a 50/50 chance of me getting up early to get on a super train.


May 17th Another day in Paris...it's cold and raining, and I'm working on the last bit of our FA Cup business. Another 20 minutes and I can be a tourist finally. It's a holiday today in France, so only the restaurants and bars are open. Aaron Bulkley in Paris with friends
I had a fabulous dinner last evening with Christophe, his fiance Anishka, Stephan, and Shawn. We ate some traditional french cuisine including a couple bottles of really nice red wine, finished off with a huge assortment of deserts and fruit schnapps. I know, I know...I suck, you're jealous, blah, blah, blah.

I might leave for Athens early because I'll probably be done here tomorrow. I have a ton of tickets to pick up once I get there, so it might be better to get an early start. I am still jet-lagged, so it takes me a little longer to get the simple things done.


May 16th

In Paris now, and I'm really exhausted. The flight kind of sucked...Air France economy, and the flight was completely full. They didn't have any of the personal TV's that I'm used to when travelling internationaly these days.
Aaron Bulkley Champs Elysees
So, my little bitty 3-star twin superiorer hotel is located just 2 blocks from the Arch de Triumph and Champs Elyse'es. I actually have a photo hanging on my wall now of Lance Armstrong making his victory ride around the Arch, so I had to get a picture there this morning. Today was also very special in France because they inducted their new President today. There were about 5000 police all around downtown Paris, setting up barricades around the Arch, so that people could watch the ceremony which I believe takes place down Avenue de Champs Elyse'es.

Other than that, I think I found an office today. It's located on, yes again, Champs Elyse'es, in the world famous Louis Vuitton Building. It's kind of a "5 star" serviced office...much nicer than what I'm used to, but basically the same price. So, now, I just need to find an apartment, then I'm ready to head over to Greece for the 2nd leg of my trip. I hope to get more pictures up later this week, so stay tuned...


May 14th

What a long weekend. A few of us hit Fado on Friday night to see my favorite U2 Tribute band. I was hurting on Saturday morning...too many Irish Car Bombs the night before.
Aaron Bulkley - Joanie Duggan
On Saturday, Joanie, Ronny, Zach, Rebecca and Ed met me at my place and we hit the lake that afternoon. About 3 hours into the day, my boat began to overheat, so we had to shut her down in the cove down near Hula Hut. $190 later, we had the best 1 hour tow ever back to my slip at Ski Shores. Shane Hill is taking the boat in tomorrow to see if they can fix it and get it back on the water soon.

Then, Saturday night, I hung out at Randy and Mia's for burgers, hot tub and beer. With the boat crap that went down, and all the packing and cleaning I had to get done yesterday, I never made it to Kerrville for Mother's Day. Sorry Mom...I'll make sure I make it up to you when I get back from Europe in a couple of weeks...I'll come rebuild our dock before the family reunion.

I'm off in the morning for Europe, so will be out of touch from the blog for a couple of days. I'll try to get some posts up with pictures a few times this week and next. Stay tuned.

New Story posted today - Louisville - Friday Night

May 11th

I'm back in the office today. Tons of stuff to do. I'm fixing up our Augusta House for some new tenants...booking contractors, buying tile, etc from afar. And, I'm getting ready to leave again on Tuesday for Europe. Paris for 5 days...I need to find an office for Sept-October during the Rugby World Cup. Then Athens for 4 days for the UEFA Champions League Final. Until then, I'm staying on the lake for the most part.
Aaron Bulkley wake skate on Lake Austin
I'll be on the lake tomorrow pending weather. Probably going to Kerrville on Sunday for Mother's Day, and to swing by and pick up my deer heads from my taxidermist, Jeff Jones.

I still haven't finished my "Friday Night in Louisville Story"...I didn't get all the pictures that I wanted from that night, so I'll have to improvise.


May 8th

Finally back in Austin...man, do I have some wild stories and some updates. 1st, my sister does not have a cancerous tumor...she was checked out and everything came back fine. She will have a follow up but there is nothing to worry about.
Aaron Bulkley, Sallie partying in Louisville, KY
So, I got in yesterday after a 17 hour drive...Sallie Herrmann road with me on the way back. I knocked out the first 11 hours on Sunday, from Jeffersonville, Indiana, to Shreveport, Louisiana. 5 States in one day...I was proud of myself. Got to Shreveport around 9:00pm Sunday night, hit the craps tables and Black Jack for a bit...I didn't win, but I definitely didn't lose too much.

The plan for this week is to put my boat in the new boat slip, sip a few beers and just relax. Alden is coming in town today...we're going to dinner tonight with Rob and maybe some others. Then, Alden and I will just chill most of the week. Taryne and Jenna, Gwen and Alden and I are all going to see Damien Rice tomorrow night...that should be a great show.

So, I have a really good story about my Friday night in Louisville...I'll try to get the photos which go along so that I can do my story justice...should be up in a couple of days. I'm starving, so heading out to lunch now...stay tuned...


May 4th

The last couple of days have sucked. I had one business deal go bad, my sister says she has a tumor, and the weather sucks out here (I had to bitch about something else I guess).
Shitty times
Just ready to get back to Austin and take a long nap.


May 2nd

Almost done here in Kentucky. There are (5) of us now working to wrap up this event. Tickets are flying out the door. I'm planning on working most of the day of the Kentucky Oaks, then leaving the office around post time (11:00am) to hit up the Derby.
Aaron Bulkley with Luka
Don't know where I'm sitting yet, but probably going to try and grab a 3rd floor clubhouse seat where I won't have to leave my box to place a bet.

So, just a few more days in Kentucky, then I get to hang out on the lake with my dog and Alden whom is going to visit with me for a few days while I'm off. We'll be at the bar or on the lake all next week, so give me a call and join up with us.


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