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November 29th, 2006

New Year's Plans

So, Have you met my friend Hardy Grissom? He was my boss in High School, the owner of a smoke shop called Smokers' Express. He's from San Angelo orginally and has lived in Kerrville for about 12 years now with his wife Becky and kids, John and Jake.
Hardy Grissom
Well, Hardy has found a gem in the Hill Country...Escondida Resort is a brand new luxury hotel/resort located near Medina, Tx (16 miles from Kerrville). Hardy has decided that he is either going to work there or buy it, but nonetheless, be a part of it. There are huge bull elk walking around the 120 acres...they'll walk right up to you while you're eating breakfast he says. And, except for where my parents live, this place is positioned in the probably the most beautiful part of the Hill Country.
Anyways, I'm thinking of throwing a New Year's Party there.

Here are the details:
This place usually books between $249 and $500 per night, but we have negotiated a deal for New Year’s eve.  The offer is $135 per person includes full dinner, full breakfast, free beer - wine, mixers, and snacks.  It can hold about 26 - 28 people with couples having their own room and singles sharing rooms and beds.  This place is first class from the exquisite rooms with HDTV and wireless internet, to the spa and pool, and incredible food.  I would imagine that we'll have a bonfire outside, fireplace inside, some music, lots of drinks, and all that other country stuff that goes along. Attire would be your discretion, but I would suggest boots, jeans, and jackets for women and men. I need a commitment of at least 18 people to make it work and the place would be all to ourselves.  Also, no one under 21.

If you're interested, send me an email (there is a link on the left near the top), and I can put you down tentatively and then I'll let you know when you need to call and make your booking. This isn't definite yet, but so far, we have about 10 people.

November 28th, 2006

The stock market is weird today....Under Armour, which I've sold most of, is getting hit hard because some jack ass from Morgan Stanley thinks his kids have too much of it. Apple is going to rock this holiday season I hope...I've loaded up on it thinking that IPOD sales and accessories would fly out the door this X-mas.
Ralph and Virginia Bulkley's House in Ingram/Hunt
I also bought a ton of Best Buy; I like the fact that people were shooting each other to get in to buy a stupid video game, PS3...business should be good for electronics this season. Here is my stock tip of the week: (EEM - Stock Symbol) ISHARES MSCI EMERGING MARKETS INDEX FUND. Buy it today and you'll be up 10% by X-mas and 35-50% this time next year.

So, my parents have finally moved into their new house...it's not exactly new, but remodeled after a terrible fire. They've been living in the back house with 12 foster kids for the past 2 years. Now, they have all the kids upstairs, and a huge Master Bedroom and Bath (about 1000 sq feet) all to themselves. The new house is around 6000 sq feet, so I can't fit it all into 1 picture.

November 27th, 2006

I've got some cool pics to share from the Holiday, but left the cord to connect my camera to the computer at home...maybe I can get them up this afternoon. It was a good weekend all in all. The Deer hunting sucked...I hunted 3 days and basically saw NADA.
Fried Thanksgiving Turkey - Aaron Bulkley
I might try again this weekend...it's supposed to be freezing temps so the animals might be moving better. So, my weekend went like this...headed out early Wednesday to Kerrville. Got to the house to see my parents, Luke and Anna, and the kids. Ernest stopped over and we drank way too much beer out on the front porch while frying up some catfish and frog legs. That night, about 1:00am, my Uncle Jack and I headed out to his ranch and tried to spotlight some deer...yes, it's illegal, but then we weren't in the best frame of mind that point either. We didn't see anything, so we got up and drove around feeding them all the next morning. That would have been too easy seeing as they just walked up to the truck to eat the corn coming out of the back...so, we let them all go this time.

Thursday, I fried a turkey, and let me tell you; I will never go another Thanksgiving, or holiday for that matter, without a fryed turkey...it was amazing. That night, My dad, and two of the boys, David and Anthony, headed out to my deer lease. The boys like to camp and skin anything that we shoot. We hunted for 3 days and didn't see anything but a couple of doe...I let them go, again.

We watched the horns get their but kicked by the option on Friday...that sucked, but I guess the Aggies were finally due...it's only been 7 years. Saturday night, Lauren Parker, Hardy, and I went out in Kerrville. We had a beer at the YO and then over to Pampell's. We were definitely the oldest people there, so I think that I am finished with going to bars in Kerrville...that was a quick slap in the face that 28-29 is too old to go out partying in your hometown. We left the bar around 1:30 and then headed back over to my dock to go check the trot-line that I had set that day. LP and I were loading up on my floating boat dock when she backed out on jumping on it at the last minute and took a dive into Lake Ingram. She was pretty pissed for a little while...somthing about suede shoes, cashmere sweater, cold water, being sober now, etc...it was really funny though. Sorry LP.

Then, I did laundry and put things away in my new house all day yesterday. Did anyone see Vince Young bring back the Titans in the 4th quarter yesterday? If you didn't, it was probably one of the best come-backs in the NFL this year. Down 21-0 in the 4th quarter, VY rallied to win 24-21.

November 21st, 2006

I haven't written in 4 days and I have people emailing me asking if I'm still alive. That's why it's called Periodic Blogs, folks! The truth is that I've been super busy...I moved into a new house Sunday and yesterday...still not done moving. I spent all of last night putting furniture together and hanging up clothes. If anyone wants to come visit or help put the house together, I'm at 1524 Piedmont Avenue, Austin, 78757. Google it, and come on over! I'm a stones throw from Dallas Nightclub and Aranda's #3.
My favorite Mexican Food - Arandas
Anyway, I'm heading to Kerrville tomorrow night to hang out with my parents and cousins, Luke and Anna. Then, Thursday, off to my hunting lease to find a big buck. I'll be back in Austin sometime this weekend and hope to have my plasma up on the wall ready to watch some football on Sat/Sunday.

November 17th, 2006

If I ever get to build my dream house, this is the kitchen that I want

I met Deion Sanders last night...Prime Time. I spoke with him for a little while and he is a really nice guy. I helped put together a cocktail party with the Austin Business Journal and he was the big guest.
My Dream Kitchen
It was a good time, and Kris's Venison sausage was a hit...he made it from a deer and hog that I shot a couple of weeks ago, and then cut it up and served it with a demi gloss as party food. Other than that, life is tough right now...don't really want to go into yet. I'm looking for a house to move into...hopefully I'll find one today, and then can go out to the hunting lease to relax a little.

November 14th, 2006

The Recording Academy Gala and Awards was a blast. I won a couple of tickets to next year's Grammy Awards in LA. Cara won 2-nights stay at the W in Dallas. Alex won an autographed guitar from ZZ Top. The photo shown is Dusty Hill, bassist for ZZ Top, and Alex Andrawes, after the awards...they were in a hurry, hence it's blurry.
Alex Andrawes - Dusty Hill
I've also got a video that I'll try to post later of Paul Wall and some other guys from Swisha House performing last night...they were also honored by the Texas Chapter of the Academy.

Went to the dentist this morning...it sucked. I hate sitting there for nearly an hour with my mouth wide open while they tear apart my mouth. Maybe I should find a new dentist; the one I've gone to the past 3 times is Castle Hill at Barton Creek Mall. They're cheap and take my insurance, so that really is my only reason for staying.

Anyway, I'm getting my prep work done for a couple of more trips coming up for work. The first is NFR (National Finals Rodeo)in a few weeks in Las Vegas...I'm there from December 5th - 10th. Then it's the Masters in Augusta...I should be there for about 3 weeks next March and April, so if you want to come check out some of the best golf in the world, hit me up. My big international trip next year is for Rugby World Cup tickets. I'll be in Paris for at least 6 weeks next September and October. It sucks because it's during football season, but then again, it is Paris and Rugby. .

November 13th, 2006

This burger is the largest in the world. 105 lbs. What a waste of a cow....I bet half of that thing made it into the garbage. What do you think the over/under is on calories?
I'm putting it at 100,000 calories.
I don't think that I would even touch it...it can't be kosher after all the people around when actually creating the burger. 4 guys to cook the meat, 2 on lettuce, 2 cutting tomatoes, 4 stacking cheese...how many hairs would you find it that thing?
Big Hamburger - Aaron Bulkley
Anyway, I'm going to the Recording Academy (The Grammy's) Gala tonight honoring ZZ Top and some others. Should be a cool deal. Alex Andrawes, my buddy that I started Personalwine with, is bringing a date to join Cara and I. Should be a great time...Alex wants to get a guitar signed by some of the guys from ZZ Top. It's going to be a busy week...meetings everyday this week and I'm hosting a big A-Magazine cocktail party on Thursday at the 555 Penthouses. Erik Keller's Birthday is Thursday and he and the crew are throwing down in Houston Friday Night...I don't know if I'm going to make that one...I usually hurt about 2-3 days after going out with those folks.

November 10th, 2006

So, I'm walking out the door this morning, and our cat, Willie, would not shut up or leave me alone...jumping on the counter, running in front of me, up and down the stairs, all over. So, I took the time to check her out, and she had one of Cara's hair bands stuck in her claw. Smart Cat.
Willie the Cat - Aaron Bulkley
I'm trying to get some people together for Wurstfest this evening in New Braunfels. It's like Oktoberfest, but in November in Texas. I'm hooked on German beer and culture after this past summer working in Deutschland.
Tomorrow, I'm back at the deer lease...we've got this sweet Dell Digital Projector that we use to watch the games on every night. We hook it up to our Dish Network, and then have this huge 8 foot HD screen on the side of one of our travel trailers. You can see it crystal clear from the highway, and we always end up with a crowd of locals and fellow hunters. Texas plays K-State this weekend at 7:00pm...If they win this game, they're in the Big 12 Championship against Nebraska or Missouri. And, with the Louisville loss last night, Texas now has a better chance of playing in the BCS National Championship game. AB

You are 89% REAL Texan!!

High five, you're a complete Texan. People from other states should tremble in your presence because they're simply not worthy. Let them bow before you and convey their undying adoration to you while they announce their true desire to be Texan.

How Texan Are You?

November 9th, 2006

Man, I'm tired. Went to the Kinky Friedman Election party on Wednesday with Hardy, and we ended up having too much to drink. I was hungover all day yesterday, and then went out for a bit to Sarah's Birthday party at Cru Wine Bar on 2nd street. Really cool place, great wine!
Sarah's Birthday Party - Aaron Bulkley
I went home around 9:00, slept til 1:00am, then had to come up to the office to buy tickets for the Rugby World Cup next year in France. We bought somewhere near 2000 tickets from 2:00am until 4:00am, and I'm beat. Can't wait to get home, lay on the couch and watch Survivor.

November 7th, 2006

Got up some pictures today from my hunt this past weekend. Look at that Hog! Huge Baby! And it smelled horrible. I also have a picture of Michael cleaning my Doe.
Anyway, If you haven't done so yet today, Go VOTE! I voted Kinky Friedman...you Should Too. Why the Hell Not? Anyways, I am going to his victory party tonight at Scholz Beer Garten...Hardy is coming up from Kerrville and we'll be there cheering Kinky on with or without a victory tonight!
Hog from Richland Springs - Aaron Bulkley

November 6th, 2006

Well, I've been travelling through the Texas Hill Country for the past 5 days. After my Rotary Induction and presentation on Thursday, I headed off to Kerrville. I picked up Michael Campos that evening as my DD, the oldest
Typical Aggies
of my parent's foster kids, and we met up with Major Mathis at his bar, Nautilus. It's a small dive bar, but drinks are cheap if not free, and I needed a place to watch the Louisville/West Virginia game. The next morning, I woke up Michael, and we headed east towards my hunting lease. After a few hours driving, we hit the Mountain Pasture on Friday around noon and got ready for the weekend hunt. On Saturday morning, we only saw 2 deer, small bucks...Michael was snoring so loud in the blind, that anything smart stayed away. That afternoon, I saw about 15 doe and some spikes, so I went ahead and got on the board with a huge doe. Michael skinned and cleaned it for me, so that saved me $60. Yesterday morning, I saw a very large group of hogs, and ended up taking a big, 100 lb or so, sal. We cleaned it, but it stunk so bad, that I ended up dropping it off in the field behind my folks house.

Horns kicked butt Saturday night against Okie State...
The Cowboys choked again...that was the worst loss I've even witnessed...ridiculous. If I were Bill Parcel's, I would fire everyone.
Aggies (see picture above) lost to OU, and I won $20 from Shane.
I'm heading to a Wine and Cheese party tonight...one of my fellow Rotarians, Jim Kaighin, is hosting the event at this house. Should be a good time. I'll post some pictures of this weekend's hunt victims sometime tomorrow.

November 1st, 2006

Has anyone read this about this "True" prison story called Katie's Revenge? I think it would make a great movie...it's a great revenge story. Basically, this pedophile whom raped and killed this 10 year old girl ends up in prison serving a life time sentence. What he doesn't know is that this little girl's 22 year old cousin is also in the same prison.
I'm coming to get you big deer!
After getting switched over to the pedophile's prison wing, he waits for the guy in his room, locks the door, and tatoos "KATIES REVENGE" on the pedophile's forehead.

In other news, I want to throw out a "Big Thank You" to Marc Hoenig, of The Zone, Sports Radio. He helped me get some tickets to last Friday's Private Blue October show. It was a very cool all Acoustic show...only about 200 people at SpeakEasy. They only played about 5 songs, but it was great. Thanks again!

So, I am giving a speach tomorrow to my new Rotary Club. I will be introducing the Rotary Youth Exchange program to the Club, and explaining what I and the Club needs to do in order to get the program rolling...pretty much everyone knows that I lived overseas in Finland, 94-95, as a Rotary Exchange Student. That experience basically outlined my life and lead me to where I am today, including back to Rotary. If anyone wants to host a Rotary Exchange Student in the Austin area, let me know.
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