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November 30th

Working in Va Beach this weekend. I went to a very cool bar last night called "The Smokehouse and Cooler". Jonathan and I watched the Cowboys/Packers game there last night. Really good food and cheap drinks. Today, I've been looking at houses all day, and I'm pretty close to making a decision finally. I found this house, which is only 2 minutes from my office and only 10 blocks from the Oceanfront.
Va Beach
I'm not planning on buying the house, just renting for a year. I'll sit tight near the office for now until I decide where Joanie and I want to live out here. She and I are planning on moving here around the 5th of January.

So, I'm working on reviewing our computer hardware, lines, printers, phones, etc all day tomorrow, then spending Sunday with my Aunt Marie, Uncle Steve, and cousin Jason. Working some more on Monday, then taking a 5:00pm flight back to A-town Monday night. I'm ready to quit travelling and get my ass to Va Beach permenantly.


November 28th

Only one more month left in Texas, then it's off to Va Beach. I'm planning on moving the first weekend of January...I need to find a house first. I'm flying out there again tomorrow
Derek and Sarah are engaged
morning and will be working from Va Beach until Tuesday.

I haven't had time to write about it this month, but Congratulations to Derek and Sarah...Derek proposed to her in early November. They live in Chicago now, but I would bet they're getting married in Texas sometime next year.

I went hunting last night and this morning...yea, I know, what's new? I saw about 3 hogs, a couple of nice young bucks and a couple of doe. I took Joanie's little dog with me, Tucker, and she was constantly worried that I had ulterier motives, like I was going to use the dog for bait or something. The dog had a great time hanging out with me in the country, in the hunting trailer.

I like that the weather is getting colder...I would rather be in 30 degree weather, than 100 degree any day. But, I can't use the boat this time of year. Speaking of, if you know of anyone looking for a boat, let me know... I'm putting mine up for sale. It's in great shape, awesome boat, and I hate to let it go, but it doesn't make sense for me right now. It's a 2004 Tige 24V, 350 Magnum Mercruiser Engine, only about 200 hours, with a rocking stereo system, and all the bells and whistles. $35K and it's yours.


November 27th

I've got a Great Video that you Must See today...this was from one long party night at my place probably 3 weeks ago. Joanie is playing the guitar and Lindsey G is singing. Enjoy!
Launch in external player
So, I'm wrapping up some more work from home this morning, and then maybe heading out to the hunting lease for the night. Seems as though we have too many Hogs these days, and I need to take a couple out and put them in my freezer. It will be just me and Luka, but you don't have anything going on, join me for a night of Venison Chili and beer drinking around the camp fire.

I'm heading back to VA Beach on Thursday...will stay until Monday night, and I can hopefully find a house this time. I still need to schedule movers, start packing, go to Hunt to get more crap from my storage shed, etc. This will be a long month.

November 24th

Back in Austin, and I finally got my camera working again. So, here are some photos from the last month:
Whitetail in Alberta
160 Boone and Crocket Whitetail taken by Aaron Bulkley in Alberta Canada
Walking the Bush in Canada
Aaron Bulkley - Hunting the woods of Alberta, Canada

Ashlyn Brook and JZ
JZ and Ashlyn
Skinning my whitetail from a tractor
Skinning my Alberta Whitetail

November 21st

Man, I know, I suck...I haven't written in at least 2 weeks. Well, I've been busy damnit. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to start!
Happy Thanksgiving! 2007
So, my excuse for not writing is that my camera is screwed up. I have all of these fabulous photos from the past 2 weeks, but my battery is dead, and I think that I left my charger in Paris. I can transfer the photos if the battery was charged, but other than that, nada. So, I ordered another charger from Sony online, and now I'm just waiting for that to arrive.

So, Zach Mills and I went to Alberta, Canada last week, got back last Saturday night. It started off kinda crappy but ended up great. I didn't get my bull elk, but I did get a great big Whitetail Buck on the final day of hunting. We saw a great Bull Elk, around 300 B&C, but it was on some private land, and we couldn't get permission to hunt it. The buck was awesome though, and I'll show a picture as soon as I can get it off my camera, but to give you an idea, he weighed 275 lbs and will score around 160 B&C probably.

Today, I just got back in from Virginia Beach. I have officially begun my job for Great Atlantic...I've started designing the new website, and am working on the Beijing Olympics and Euro 2008 for next year. I'm either heading to Switzerland next week, or back to Va Beach for about a week. I also need to find a house up there...I'm planning on moving the 1st weekend of January.

Tonight, Joanie and I are heading to her parent's house in Stamford for a couple of days. Then, on Friday or Saturday, we're going to my hunting lease for the weekend. Weather is supposed to get cold out there, around 30 degrees, so it should make for some good hunting.

November 5th

Well, tons of big news, and not enough time in my schedule to give a ton of detail. First, I have resigned from Ticket City (TC) after 9 wonderful years. I am now the Managing Director,
Good-bye TicketCity.com
or will be soon, at Great Atlantic Travel and Tours (GAT). GAT has been my largest supplier of International sports tickets for the past 5 years, and I'm very excited to be going in this new direction. We will be in more of the supply chain than the retailing of tickets like at TC.

I'll greatly miss my friends and co-workers at Ticket City, but this was the best route for my future I believe. I will continue to work with the guys there and hopefully we'll continue to make some great money together in the future.

Other great news...
On the very first morning of Deer Season, I shot a very unusual 10 point buck, and then that evening, I shot a big ol' hog weighing in somewhere between 225 and 285 I would guess. It took a lot of creativity, time, and energy to load that sucker up into the bed of my truck.

I'm heading to a place called Rocky Mountain Home on Sunday with Zach Mills...we're going after a Bull Elk, and maybe a big white tail, and wolf. I probably won't shoot a wolf...don't like the idea of killing something unless you're going to eat it.

Blogs will be few over the next 2 weeks while I'm traveling, but I'll be posting some great pics of my travels and trophies soon enough...stay tuned!
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