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October 13, 2009

Up in Wyoming this week on a hunt with Zach Mills. We drove up on Saturday, arrived on Sunday at 1:00am, and started hunting yesterday. Well, I just filled my tags today and I'm very pleased with the results. We were up hunting in Region C, northeast of Buffalo Wyoming, and I took a great Mule Deer this morning...what was even better was the hunt. We were driving along on the top of some small mountains glassing the draws and valleys, and just about drove up on a group of 4 bucks. We jumped out of the truck, in 8 inches of snow, and ran down the side of a bluff where we can see where the deer ran to. About the time, we made it to the edge, the bucks had already run up the other side of the draw. I sat on the ground with my rifle supported only by my elbow on my knee and fired off at about 260 yards across the draw. That shot hit the deer in the leg, and slowed him down, but my next shot was right in the heart, and he tumbled about 30 yards and expired.

Aaron Bulkley Mule Deer Hunt

After a couple of photos, then it was time to haul this deer out of there, and just because it's 275 yards across the draw, doesn't mean how far you must walk up and down the mountain to get to the animal. We field dressed the deer, and then Zach, Travis (our guide), and myself drug this deer out 1/2 mile from where he laid to where we shot...took nearly an hour through the snow, up hill, but we made it, and then decided to go right after the Pronghorn Antelope.

We had been seeing herds and herds of antelope yesterday and today, and some great bucks, but not wall hangers. Travis decided to take us to a pasture where no one had hunted antelope in over 3 years. When we pulled into that area of the ranch, we saw 5-6 shooter bucks, but they jumped up and ran out of rifle range before we could get set up. We decided to stalk this herd and get in front of them, and downwind. We hiked in about a mile, bellied crawed out on a bluff within 125 yards of them, saw a big boy, and fired off my .300 WIN MAG with a perfect shot dropping the Antelope in his tracks. We field dressed him, and again, had to drag this guy 1 mile back to the truck. In Wyoming, it takes longer to get the animal out of the area than it does to find and hunt him.

Aaron Bulkley Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

We have 4 more days in Wyoming, so tomorrow I think we're gonna go shoot up a Prairie Dog Town, something I've never done before, and then Zach is hunting a Pronghorn Antelope Doe on Thursday with his father whom lives in Buffalo. More Photos to come later in the week....


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