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September 30th

Happy Birthday Dad and JZ. My Dad's Birthday was yesterday and JZ turned 40 today. Also, Ronny had a B-day as well last week!
Gary and Aaron in Paris
So, Gary is in Paris now since Friday. We hooked up with the Paris Texas-Ex's last night to watch UT get their ass whooped by K-State. The game was ridiculous...Colt McCoy threw 4 interceptions and then cried like Chris Simms afterwards pretending to be hurt. I'd like to see our Freshman QB, John Chiles, take the snaps from here on out...hopefully, he'll get the start against OU and then we'll have a new QB for the season.

We have a train at 6:45 in the morning tomorrow heading to Germany for the week. We're hitting up Frankfurt and Munich for the Oktoberfest to try out some good beer and get the hell out of France for awhile. I'll post again on Friday with some pics and stories from our roadtrip.

September 27th

Joke of the week...thanks Shane Hill...two of my favorite subjects this time of year.
My Big Buck in 2006
Ted Nugent, rock star and avid bow hunter from Michigan, was being interviewed by a French journalist and animal rights activist. The discussion came around to deer hunting. The journalist asked, "What do you think is the last thought in the head of a deer before you shoot him? Is it, 'Are you my friend?' or is it 'Are you the one who killed my brother?' "

Nugent replied, "Deer aren't capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is, 'What am I going to eat next, who am I going to screw next, and can I run fast enough to get away?' They are very much like the French."

The interview ended at that point.

September 26th

Ugh! I'm sick...can't beat this cold. The weather turned really cold and rainy for the past couple of days. Gary Lux will be here in less than 2 days, and then Joanie will be coming out the following weekend, and the Lauren Parker for about 4 days around October 14th. Only 3 1/2 more weeks til I this event is through.
Joanie Duggan at the Poodle Dog
Other than that, I'm staying busy working everyday from 8:00am, when my phones start ringing, til about midnight every night. That probably has something do to with me getting sick.

September 24th

Yesterday, Paris was great...I can't believe that I'm finally coming around, but as of the day I had yesterday, this city is growing on me. I started off with breakfast with Christophe and Anishka at a cafe near Trocadero (near the Eiffel Tower).
Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris - Aaron Bulkley
We had some real hot chocolate, eggs, bread, etc, and then afterwards decided to talk a walk around. We found a museum of artifacts from previous cultures of Oceania and Asian countries...tons of totum poles, masks, weapons, music instruments, etc. We spent about an hour there checking out all the cool stuff, but most of the explanations were in French, so I bored quickly.

Afterwards, we rented bikes from Velib. Velib is a new service that begun in Paris in July. There are hundreds of bike stops all around town, and you enter a credit card, grab a bike, and then return it to any of the other bike stops when you're finished. I think there are currently around 10,000 bikes in use at this time, and the program is huge here...everyone uses 'Velib' bikes to get around now.

We rode through most of the eastern part of Paris all the way out to the Cemetery of Père Lachaise, where Jim Morrison and a ton of other famous people are buried. Yes, it is a cemetery, but it is probably one of the coolest things that I've seen. The graves are incredible and date back to 1804, so it is fairly modern for Paris.

We spent about an hour there, and then headed back to my apartment via "Velib"...all in all, about 2 hours of riding, so sadly the best work-out I've had since I've arrived.

September 22nd

So, the big match last night here in Paris was Ireland v France at Stade de France Stadium. There were about 40,000 Irish in town and they just knew they were going to win, but in the end, they got there asses handed to them by 'Le Bleu'
Ireland Rugby Fans in Bordeaux, France
We have about a week of down days out here, so Shawn is going to meet his Russian girlfriend in some little French town about 3 hours from here. Gary Lux gets here on Friday morning, and we'll be in Paris all weekend as I have a busy one coming up, then off to Oktoberfest on Monday, October 1st. While in Scotland, I bought a couple of proper kilts for us to wear as they're very comfortable drinking outfits. So, we'll be supporting the Scottish with a Texas flair.

I had the best haircut of my life yesterday in Paris...just down the street from my apartment...the first girl gave me a 10 minute shampooing/scalp massage session, then the next cut my hair, while another one was handing out glasses of wine and cheese. These frenchies at least do one more thing right.

I just got my camera hooked up so that I can download pictures, so look for new pics this week.

September 20th

Heading back to Paris today. I'm waiting on 3 more clients to pick up tickets today, then I've got my guys on the street selling the rest for the Wales v Japan test in
Cardiff Castle, Wales
Cardiff this evening. My flight is at 3:50pm, and I have to take a taxi to the bus station, and then a bus to the airport (50 minutes), then fly another cheap-ass airline back to Charles de Gaulle, then a bus to Paris, then the metro to the apartment. I have definitely lived the movie "Planes, Trains and automobiles" this week...I could add buses, trams and subways to that list as well.

So, about Cardiff...yes it has a castle too in the city centre, and some cool shops, some cool pubs, but it all ends there. These people are your typical Brittish with bad teeth, bad hair cuts, ridiculous style, and complete with bums all over the place, hookers in the street, shady strip bars, bad casinos, fat people everywhere.

Unless there is a major international event where we can make a ton of money here, I won't be back, and I recommend that you skip this city as well.

September 19th

In Cardiff today...left beautiful Edinburgh this morning at 6:30am. That is definitely a place that I will go back to visit on a future vacation.
Edinburg Castle, scotland
I can't even write the words to describe my experience there, so here are some ideas/phrases that I jotted down while there which may give you a clue:

The most incredible castle that I've ever seen...in the center of the city atop a huge rock mountain - cannons perched all along the top
Bad ass Kilts...can't wait to wear mine at Oktoberfest next month
Seriously, I am a descendant of William Wallace
Cold and Raining
Pubs: Chantor and Shakespeare's
The coldest Guiness I've ever had the privelage to taste
English television (finally) in the hotel
The Scottish are some of the most polite people that I've ever met...I stark difference from the Shitty-attitude French that I've been living with
They have their own GBP currency issued from the Royal Bank of Scotland...kind of like having Texas money, California Money, etc, but then you could spend it in any state.
Poor (no money) Rugby Fans...this is a Football country
Fish and Chips, Haggis and Potatoes, Tea and Biscuits

September 17th

Sitting in the Beauvais airport right now...flying into Scotland this afternoon. I booked the flight on Ryan Air, only 39 euros, but now I know why. I had to take a 30 minute metro ride to the bus station, to catch a 1 1/2 hour bus to this airport about
edinburg, scotland
50 kilometers outside of Paris. Then, I had to pay another 12 euros to check my bag because it weighed 10.1 Kilos rather than 10.

Once I arrive to the Glasgow airport, which isn't in Glasgow either, then I have to find the bus station and take a 2 hour bus ride to Edinburgh. The match tomorrow is Scotland v Romania, and we have about 250 seats for the test. I'm heading to Cardiff, Wales on Wednesday morning, then back to shitty ol' Paris on Thursday afternoon. Can't wait for Gary Lux to get his half-ass over here so we can get over to Germany for a few days...dreaming of 2 liter German beers delivered by German chics in boustiers...

September 13th

Man, this event sucks...sales are slow and it seems as no one really cares about the Rugby World Cup in France.
Scotland v France - Paris
Yesterday's sporting highlight in Paris was not rugby, but soccer. The Euro 2008 Qualifying match between Scotland and France was last night at Parc d' Prince in Paris.
Christophe invited me to see the match with him...we had awesome seats that were midfield about 4 rows up. The French clearly dominated the match, but somehow Scotland scored and held on to win 1-0. Of the 41,000 seats in the stadium, about 30,000 were Scots...dressed in kilts and waiving their blue flags, they tore up the town last night. I've never seen a bigger mess of beer bottles, kegs, puke, piss, etc at a stadium in my life. These guys partied for 2 days prior and are hopefully leaving today.

We have a ton of seats left for next week's rugby matches in Cardiff, Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland, so I may be heading there this weekend, or first thing next week.

September 7th

So, the damn event is about to begin, finally...what a freakin crazy two weeks it's already been. We've been working 16 hour days basically everyday...then yesterday,
Paris Police
the little frenchy police tried to raid our office and give us slack. It's all cool for the time being but I still can't stand those smelly bastards.

I think that Jeremiah and I scored some free tix to tonight's opening match...France vs Argentine...he wants to go, but I could really care less. We are hitting the England vs USA test (that's rugby terminology for game/match) tomorrow night in Lens (pronounced "lance"). We have about 100 seats left that we need to sell to the brits that come over from the UK.

Oh, and I have some really good news that I will share in time...it's a major life-changing type of news that will be elaborated on as soon as I can...kind of like winning the lottery.

September 3rd

It's been a while since I posted...staying busy in ol' Pari. The days fly by so fast that we don't really have time for personal crap. We did go to my old stomping grounds on Friday, Frankfurt, to pick up some money from our European bank. We spent the afternoon afterwards eating brautwurst and drinking awesome German beer.
Frankfurt Map of Germany
Nothing really special other than that...Though we were able to watch some College Football on Saturday evening (our time)...Jeremiah has Slingbox hooked up to his TV at home and we're able to watch everything that he has at home through a computer with a land internet connection. I just ordered mine online and hopefully will have it hooked up next week. This one is in HD as well, so I should get a better picture next time my Texas Longhorns decide to look like shit...but hey, at least we won!
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